Stolen from sylvehr. It’s been too long since I’ve stolen something from her. :)

Ten years ago, I:
1. Started college.
2. Got involved in my first serious relationship.
3. Truly accepted Christ (for the first time).

Five years ago, I:
1. Started working at Nationwide officially (no longer a temp).
2. Was not a mother.
3. Was afraid of driving.

One year ago, I:
1. Still didn’t have my license.
2. Started counseling.
3. Had no idea about the impending depression I was going to fall into.

So far this year, I:.
1. Got my driver’s license!!
2. Made new friends who I LOVE.
3. Went to Las Vegas!

Yesterday, I:
1. Worked.
2. Hung out with Brian, Joshua, and Garth.
3. Talked to Kelly P til 5am on AIM. :D

Today, I:
1. Got wireless internet thanks to Andy!
2. Took a shower.
3. Decided to wear my hair in pigtails.

Tomorrow, I will:
1. Go to church.
2. Have lunch after church with my friends.
3. Take a shower or bath.

In one year, I will:
1. Visit Ivy in Florida.
2. Visit Jen in Chicago.
3. Go back to Las Vegas!

In five years, I will:
1. Be 5 years older.
2. Have at least one published novel under my belt.
3. Be less in debt (hopefully)???

So yeah. I’m posting from downstairs. Wireless is sweet. :)

And randomly:
‘Cause everyone should know the Radio Alphabet.

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