I went to bed (relatively) early last night. I slept a few extra minutes this morning. So why am I exhausted? I’m falling asleep here, trying to force my eyes to stay open. Why is it that I can stay up until 5am, get 1.5 hours of sleep, and be fine all day, but when I sleep like a “normal” person, I feel as if I would be very happy curling up and taking a nice long nap right now?


I’m in the process of having a long day. Work, Aidan, gas, chiropractor, Craig’s, The Grove, then ???

I wonder what I should have for lunch today, if anything?

I didn’t look at the Northern Lights. I grabbed my teddy bear, cuddled with Lucy, and went to sleep.

OH GOSH. I NEED RED BULL LIKE STAT. I’ll be just fine once I have a can of that. :D

And yes, that was a pointless nothing entry.

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