A word of advice. If you’re already very tired, don’t eat turkey for lunch. It doesn’t help the condition at all.

My hair. Oh my word. It’s just not cute at all. It refuses to hold any sort of curl, and it’s kind of puffy and really not good. So I have to get something done to that sometime soon. I don’t want to look like a lion or something. At least it’s soft, though.

My left lens on my glasses was all wobbly. But I took it over to the eye doctors and they fixed it right up for me. For free! :)

I am so tired! I know there is good reason why, but still. I don’t like it. I want to go see Garth play tonight at Dennison University, but I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to do so!

I stayed up pretty late last night. There was The Grove, which was nice, as always. Amy showed up, which was a pleasant surprise. And Tina too. The only missing link was Kim. I’m guessing she had to work. But Monica was there, and the “crew” went to Steak and Shake again afterwards. I, or I should say TAMI took some pictures with my camera. I’ll try to have them up soon. Rob took lots of pictures with Tyler’s camera, so I’ll ask him to send copies of those along to me if he’d be so kind. YAY. Steak and Shake! YAY! My friends!

It was a crazy night there at Steak and Shake. The participants were Monica, Rob, Tyler, Kelly P, Garth, Tami, me, and then Matt B who came quite a bit late. We thought Tina was coming, but she never showed. :( I can’t even remember all the funny stuff that went on, and I was hoping I could. I do know that everything regarding Rob was “hot.” And that he drank BBQ sauce through a straw. That was digusting, but funny as hell. He also sprinkled pepper sauce all over the rest of my sourdough toast and ate it. He’s adventurous. At one point, there was a wager regarding that pepper sauce. Tyler said he’d give Monica X amount of dollars to eat three of the peppers. Monica said “You’ve got money. I want $300!” I love her. She’s so funny. Oh, and there was Tami’s Side by Side – eggnog and white chocolate. ICK!!! The only part that sucked (for me) was when the talk turned to politics. Ugh. I tend to shut down when that happens. I don’t say anything because it’s kind of understood–within the group–if you throw something out there, be prepared to take the backlash. It’s easier for me to avoid the backlash altogether. I hate arguing polictics.

Matt played a few songs on the jukebox for us. Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, The Doors. Tyler and Rob did a silly dance which I caught on film. Poor Garth was falling asleep at the table. Matt complimented me on my purse and remarked that guys should be able to carry purses. :) After we were outside, Rob not only picked up Tami’s car with her in it again, but he picked up MY car with ME in it. He said he doesn’t like mine because it’s too “sharp.” So I told him not to do it anymore if it was going to hurt.

It was a good time, as always. My friends make me smile. :D

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