Hung out with Bizzy (otaku_witch) last night. She’s a lot of fun; so very sweet. AND her birthday is two days before mine! I told her I’d get her a present and I know exactly what I’m going to get her. We ate Steak and Shake (where we saw Micah Vorst micahtvorst) with one of his friends. Then we went to Target and just kind of browsed around. In the toy section, Aidan was playing this princess phone and he kept pushing the 3, which said “Hello. I’m Cinderella” over and over and over. Then he tried to say Cinderella. :D

After I dropped Bizzy off, I went over to Craig’s for a bit. Joshua was there, and they were watching Monday Night Football. I got on Craig’s computer to do stuff for the small group and talked to Garth and Mr. Matt for a bit online. Then I got gas (FOR MY CAR!) and went home. Managed to not get to bed until after 1am! What the banana?

I suddenly feel steely in my resolve. Hmmm.

Small group tonight! I’m looking forward to it as always.


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