I have discovered the iTMS radio. And it is good.

Today when I got Aidan home, he kept whispering “cookie.” So I gave him some cookies. Then he pointed to the TV and said “People.” So now he’s watching Little People! :) He’s speaking more and more, yay!

I’m soooo sooo tired. I could do for a nice long nap. Luckily, Chris is home from work early tonight. I can accidentally fall asleep on the couch and not feel guilty. ;)

I had my 90 day evaluation at the chiropractor’s today. She said there is a 40% improvement in my subloxation. Those results are not typical, so I’m doing really well! I know, healthwise, except for the not getting enough sleep/eating enough part, I’m feeling better. When I catch colds, I don’t stay sick nearly as long as I used to, and I use no medicine. Good times.

I am officially down to 105 pounds now. With clothes. Yippeeee! I totally SWIM in my size 6 pants from Old Navy. Maybe I should have asked for gift cards to clothing stores for Christmas. I’m running out of pants that fit!

Speaking of… I should do laundry at some point tonight.

I got my new Tiffany necklace yesterday! Only one week after I sent in my broken one. I have no plans to take this one off much at all. No more risk of it breaking. I have how many of those pretty little blue boxes now?

I love Tiffany jewelry.

Wow. I actually feel happy today. This is a good thing! :D I’m going to wallow in the good feelings now. Later!

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