Me, who used to be a hard core “I’m NEVER camping” type of gal has gone TWICE this year already. What is the world coming to?

Last night, we continued the celebration of Rob’s 21st birthday with an overnight camping trip at Alum Creek State Park. Rob had an awesome (heated!) camper. There was a campfire, pizza, more food, shenanigans, smack talk, and singing and music. Lovely times. Becky, Kelly, Garth, Tyler, and I were the participants, along with Rob, of course. Can I reiterate how much I love hanging out with Rob?

There were a lots of crazy quotes, but these few come to mind. Proceed with caution.

Rob: Kiss my ass.
Kelly: Okay.
Rob (hopeful look): Really?

Rob: Hey Garth. How many skin cells do you think covers your entire body?

Rob: I’m on that bitch like a $2 ho.

Tyler (at random and with a wide, proud smile): Want a granola bar???

Becky: Mmm yeah, about that…?

Rob (to Tyler): You’re looking post-coital.
Don’t ask me why Rob knows what Tyler looks like “post-coital.” It’s kind of disturbing…

Click here to see some pictures of the past two nights. You know you want to. YOU CAN’T RESIST THE HOTNESS THAT IS ROB.

And stuff.

Warm and fuzzies:

– listening to (and singing) Avril Lavigne songs with Rob and Tyler.
– chats on the bathroom walk with Becky.
– Garth playing his guitar.
– Rob’s “Ham Sandwich” song.
– chocolate chip cookie dough.

Warm and Stupids (y’all know I love y’all):

– Tyler juggling hot coal. WTF?
– Rob falling out of the chair 858594857895 times.

Rob took 8574892357489578493579 pictures with his digital camera the past 2 nights. I hope to hook up with him Tuesday and get them from him. Then I’ll post my favorites. With his permission, of course. :)

I woke up this morning at 7:45 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I stayed up and wrote poetry and journaled for 2 hours (while Rob, Becky, and Tyler slept) until my eyes started to droop. So I slept for 30 minutes until Tyler woke all the way up, thereby waking me (the eternal light sleeper) up.

Woo. I’m tired, and there is so much to do today still. A $25 gift card to JC Penny has been found. Chris says it’s not his, but I think it is. So, since there are $25 extra dollars to spend, I’m going to buy a sweater, I think. Mmm, yes. Defintely need a new sweater.

But first, I need a nap. So there I go. Later! :)

P.S. I got a $150 gift card to Best Buy in the mail. Now I have $215 to spend there. Plus the $100 I’m getting for Christmas. Mmyeah, I think an iTrip might be in my future….

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