Day: November 24, 2004

Smart FTP

Holy cow, what was wrong with me, using Cute FTP all these years? Smart FTP is free (for 30 days) and it’s FAST. WOO.

I hope to switch the nameservers by tomorrow night!! :D Wish me luck, y’all!

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My website has been downloading for over 3 hours and it’s still not done!!!!!! Luckily, I don’t have to upload as much when I transfer the files to the new server, but dang!!!

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Hosting & Such

I decided to go with Acenet Inc Web Hosting:

They’re having a killer special, decent prices, serious security measures, and lightening fast set up. I’m excited to try this out. :) Bear with me if there are any broken images–there shouldn’t be. I won’t change the name servers til everything is uploaded to the new site. It *should* be flawless, but we’ll see, yes? :)

This will save me tons of money per month. YEA! I LOVE hostfinity, but $33.95 a month was killing me. This new place will be $8.95 a month. And I get 5 gigs of space. You all should check this out, seriously.

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Domain Fun

Hmm. Switching hosting companies. ‘Cause as much as I LOVE hostifinity, they are toooo expensive for me anymore.

This should be fun. I’m downloading all the backup stuff now.

Oh yeah, and I’m finally home. :D

A nap is surely in order. And SOON.

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Holy Crap I’m Bored & Random Thanks

I want to go home!!!!! akdfjawlkfjadfklajlk!

I am so ready. My boss promised we’d get to go early. But now there is a “fire.” I have a feeling since HE has to stay, he’s going to make all the rest of us stay too.


It’s so dead here, otherwise. I’m getting ZERO emails. The floor is silent. I am bored. I want to go HOME and play and sleep and email Ivy and just … aiojifjiafjadjlfhajkfh.

Since I’m so bored, I’ve decided to Give Some Thanks.

Here goes:

– Thanks to Rob for randomly making me smile.
– Thanks to Tyler for “Only One” and “Slipped Away.”
– Thanks to Tami for certain Chinese characters that she (hopefully) has the hang of by now!
– Thanks to Kelly S itskels for always dying. =DEAD=

NO Thanks To:

– MyNW for acting stupid the day before Thanksgiving therefore cutting into my LEAVING EARLY PRIVILEDGES. @&%$!
– My tires that keep leaking air.
– The weather for being RAINY.


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