I love shopping on “Black Friday.” There are so many great deals, the stores are all festive and pretty, and the energy in the crowds. I got a late start. I didn’t get to Easton until around 11:30. But I found a parking spot right away and off I went.

You can check out my post at Shopaholix to see all the stuff I got. Of course, I shopped for other people too, but I’m not going to disclose THOSE details. Tsk tsk!

I got Christmas cards, but the one box smells like strong cologne. And it was open in the store. I counted all the cards and made sure they were there because it was the only box left of that particular style I wanted. But now this cologne smell. Very unsettling. I probably won’t send most of those after all. :( Fortunately, I bought 2 boxes of cards, though. :D

Tomorrow, we go and get Aidan. Although I missed him, I loved the break. I loved having no responsibility. Sleeping whenever I wanted. SHOPPING without having to lug him in and out of the car seat. That was awesome. But tomorrow, it’s back to reality. Oh well.

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