Day: November 29, 2004


Aidan is crazy. Chris was eating a chocolate covered cherry and decided to call it a chocolate boobie. Aidan then decided to repeat BOOBIE. *red-faced mommy here*

Today Aidan learned the letter B. If I make a B and show it to him, he tells me what letter it is. He’s so smart! I’m going to try to teach him the letter A before the week is out.

Now he’s running back and forth and trying to mimick the figure skaters on TV. It’s actually pretty funny. He’s trying to jump and twirl. You should see him trying to do a camel spin. Crazy stuff.

He mocks everyone I say and/or do. Yesterday I was dancing and trying to do pirouttes and such, and I looked up and there he was, imitating me. I got dizzy and stopped spinning, and he got mad and made me keep turning! That was fun, let me tell ya.

He also farts at will and laughs, and makes a belchy noise if you ask him “how does mommy burp?”

He says “Ooooo” if he sees something cool, choo-choo when he sees or hears a train, and he can say “bear, Dora, star, Mommy, Daddy, Grandmommy, Edna, Myron, Leah, Lue, Nemo,” and he knows the sound a dog makes, what a duck says, what a pig says, the sound a horse makes, and he’ll squeeze your nose and go “beep beep beep beep.” He points to feet and says “dirty,” he says “PU” when he’s getting his diaper changed, and he knows where his head, nose, ear, tummy, feet, and mouth is.

He likes to growl, and he likes to give raspberry kisses on tummies. But he also likes to cuddle-wuddle and touch your face and gives lots of hugs and kisses.

He is the cutest little kid ever.

He is SUCH a boy.

I love my Aidan. :)

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Folks, I have EIGHT gmail invites. Anyone want one? It seems like EVERYONE has gmail these days, and I can’t pay people to take them. So I’m posting this in hopes that someone out there is willing to take one off of my hands. Anyone?

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