Day: December 1, 2004


You Seriously Don’t Care

A Survey
Told ya you didn’t care.

1. What’s your name? Ronni
2. Where are you from? OH
3. What’s your favorite vegetable? Snow peas or green beans.
4. Does coffee suck? It makes me sick.
5. Who’s the most beautiful (by your definition of “beautiful”)? n/a.
7. Do you like potatoes? YES!!!!
8. Do you wear make-up? Yes. I wear powder and lipstick and eyeshadow. And “makeup” if my face is blotchy.
9. Sweden or Norway? I don’t know. I’d like to visit both someday.
10. Do you play video games? Oh.Yeah.
11. What’s your middle name? Lanean.
12. Do you have any siblings? One sister.
13. Do you get along with them? Yup.
14. What’s the last cd you bought? Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin
15. What’s the best cd you own? As if I can choose! I change my mind so much!!
16. What’s the worst cd you own? I don’t know.
17. How old are you? 29.
18. What’s most important? I don’t know.
19. What’s your favorite song? Anywhere Is by Enya
20. Are you right handed of left? Right.
21. Spearmint or peppermint? Either.
22. What’s the most comfortable pair of shoes you own? All of them!!
23. Do you like these surveys? Duh.
24. What’s your favorite color? Pink, light blue, lavendar.
25. What’s your favorite fruit? Peaches.
26. Is pornography gross or entertaining? Disgusting and degrading.
27. Do you believe that there is a God? Yes,and I LOVE HIM.
28. Are you still in school? No.
29. Does AOL suck? No.
30. Is punk dead? No.
31. Best band in the world is? Aerosmith.
32. Favorite number? 19.
33. What’s your favorite brand of gum? Dentyne Ice.
34. If you could marry anyone in the world, man or woman, celebrity or non-celebrity, living or dead, who would it be? Already married…
35. Why?
36. What are your parents’ names? Lenora and Greg.
37. Color or colour? Colour.
38. What’s your favorite kind of music? Pop/trance/worship/new age.
39. Do you wear glasses? Contacts.
40. Did you enjoy your high school experience? A very small amount of it.
41. Who’s your favorite comedian? Wanda Sykes.
42. Who do you wish you could smack in the face? Strangely–no one at the moment.
43. Was your childhood enjoyable? Some parts.
44. What’s your favorite kind of cheese? You want me to CHOOSE?
45. What’s your “guilty pleasure” movie? Titanic.
46. Did the 80s suck? NO way, dude.
47. What’s your favorite curse word? *shrug*
48. Do you like donuts? Sure.
49. Do you hate these questions? No
50. Do you have any animals? Yes. Three cats. What was I thinking?

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This is so me. I’m not sure what the point is, but it fits:

cute panties are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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A Weird Small Group

Ironically, the church service that I walked out on Sunday for several reasons was the topic of discussion tonight at small group. And… it was just weird. At first, I wasn’t really feeling it, but then I was feeling it too much. I had so much I wanted to say, but I kept quiet because to say what was inside of me, I’d have to reveal a lot more than I wanted to reveal tonight.

The passage was on Jonah, and the whole getting swallowed by a fish episode. They kind of puzzled through it. I understood all too well what it meant. I understand all too well what it means, was able to apply it perfectly to my life, to where I am with God, to how I’m feeling about everything and about God. It hit so close to home, I had to make superhuman efforts to keep from getting emotional. To keep from thinking too hard. It’s…I don’t know.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say.

The Quote of the Night came from Joshua: SQUARE BOB SPONGE PANTS! And… and… Paddington Bear will never be the same.

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