I got the pleasure and honor of spending the evening with Emily (yoimemily)!! I had so much fun. First, I bought her dinner at Max & Erma’s for her birthday. Then we drove around and sang pop songs and looked at Christmas lights. We went in search of “the crazy house” with no luck. I brought her to my house and we hung out a bit before Chris came home. We all headed to Craig’s (where Aidan did some adorable hip-hop style dancing for us) and then back to the neighborhood to search for that crazy house. It took a LONG time but we finally found it. Emily and I took pictures.

Some “jokes” from tonight:

Emily: Let’s go beat Z*** up.
Chris: Yeah. Craig will turn his baseball cap backwards. And I’ll stick a lolipop in my mouth.
Craig: And I’ll kick some A.


Poopy-poop and the Poopy Bunch.


I had so much fun. Emily is awesome and great and a million other really wonderful adjectives that are escaping me now due to the late hour.

I can’t wait to hang with her again.

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