Have you been naughty or nice?

Had fun tonight at Game Night. I GOT TO SEE TINA!! :D And I got to see all of her model horses–they are sooo cool. I’m trying not to get too intrigued. The last thing I need is ANOTHER addiction/hobby/thing to spend money on.

I didn’t play much–only a couple of games of Uno Attack. I hung with Kelly P and Tina and Garth most of the night. Always fun, always good. Especially the “magnetic dressmeup David thingy.” Haha. And the shenanigans with Aidan. Kelly P is so fun! And Garth’s new name is Begonia.

I’m so excited that Tina is moving relatively close to me! :)

I think I ate too much junk food. I’m paying for it now. My tummy is NOT happy with me at all. :(

“Sucks Coffeeoffee House”

ETA: it’s actually “Sucks Coffeeompany.” Good thing Kelly P has a better memory than I.

I can’t believe it’s already almost one. Bugger. Work again, coming too soon.

I’m starting to really hate it there. :( But I NEED the money.

I have so much homework to do. I have to read two chapters in the book the small group is going through: Searching For God Knows What. Then I was supposed to do an assignment for counseling which I haven’t done yet. Meep. And although MOST of the Christmas cards have gone out, I still have quite a few to finish. I actually need to buy another box! I have to go shopping, I have small group, I have to watch Aidan, chiro appointments. And email some folks.


And my stomach is pissed.

I’m so busy!!


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