WHY did I just realize that Jimi Hendrix was left handed and therefore played the guitar “backwards?”

I’m at Garth’s after a very cool small group. And when I say small, I mean SMALL. Garth, Tyler, me, Mr. Matt, Christy, and Tami (who breezed in when it was almost over) discussed the first two chapters of “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller. A random conversation for a random kind of book.

So yeah. Let’s backtrack a bit. Like, to the beginning of my day. I woke up to a stomach that was still PIST (haha, yoimemily), so I took 1/2 day off of work.

(HOLY CRAP Jimi Hendrix is awesome. I’ve only discovered it 487589572 years after everyone else but that’s okay).

Anyway, I took 1/2 day off of work and slept until 10am. That felt good. Then I went to my counseling and then to work. My boss had sent me an urgent thingamabobber to send to some distribution lists that I needed to create. I took the liberty to edit the document before sending it. He said he appreciated that, although he barely glanced at it before I sent it. I know it was awesome, though. I need to be an editor or something.

So… work ended and I was looking forward to putting air in that dang tire and heading to Discount Tires to get it fixed or something. Well, the air hose at the ONLY DANG BP downtown was taken by this guy who was taking forever, and I’d told the guys at the place I’d be there by 4:30. I knew it wasn’t that far to the tire place, so I decided to chance it.


I had a nice blowout on the highway. I freaked out, pulled over to the side of the road, and called a couple of people. Christy agreed to come and get me and we’d figure out what to do from there. In the meantime, I’d gotten myself together and called Hyundai Roadside Assistance. While on the phone with them, a lieutenant pulled up and checked on me. He went to his car and called the Highway People to come and help me out. Hyundai dispatched someone for me, and then another cop came along and complimented me on how nicely I handled the flat and pulled over and such. Heh.

The Highway people were there in like 10 or 15 minutes and then Christy pulled up right after. The guy changed my flat, then he stopped traffic so Christy and I could merge onto the freeway. FOR FREE. How sweet is that??

So, I went to the tire store, and I’d already planned on getting 4 tires. The ones I wanted; they only had one of. The guy gave me the next step up for the price of the ones I wanted to buy. :) How awesome is that! So now I have 4 brand new tires… NO MORE FILLING UP WITH AIR EVERY 2 DAYS.

So, that was my funnykindof story today.

Tami came to small group with good news–we have a new sister in Christ! YES! Awesome. Good good times. :D

OH, but the bad thing is that I broke my McDonalds pact. :( I was starving and that was within walking distance of the tire place.


Holy crap it was good. I INHALED that stuff. I hope I don’t get sick from it later….

Good night (for now)!


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