Day: December 11, 2004



I’m on dialup at the moment because the lovely broadband connections decided they would no longer work with my computers, or vice versa. So all of you who I owe emails to, it’s going to be a while.

Just so you know.


Updates et aI

Minor updates to the Photo Album.
– Fixed the two albums that were not working.
– Changed the format of all the albums.
– Individual albums no longer open in new windows.

Go and LOOK AT IT! I don’t care if you’ve seen the pictures before. You know you love looking at me and my son and my friends. Right? ;)

I’d meant to actually post a new album tonight, but it’s way too late now. Since I’m lame and not out partying, I guess I’ll go to bed.

But I might take some drugs (Nyquil) first. ;)

I feel like being knocked the f— out.

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