So, what had happened was….

The internet around here is kind of funky. Not working so well; not stable. At first I was pissed because I thought it was my computers. But good old Andy did some research, found the network status and forwarded the info to me. So while I am happy it’s not my computers, I’m still sad because I want my excellent 54.0 Mbps connection, not my neighbor’s very low 5.5 Mbps connection!

I hope they get it fixed soon.

Should I feel bad for “stealing” their bandwidth? Honestly, if Andy hadn’t set up my wireless network and made it secure, I probably wouldn’t care who was using mine. I dunno.

Anyway, Aidan is now at his grandmommy’s for another week. I tried to kiss him goodbye and he was totally not caring. Heh. I hope he has fun. In the meantime, I have a lot of stuff I need to do while he is gone. Starting tomorrow. That means I probably shouldn’t take Nyquil unless the coughing really keeps me up. It takes hours and hours to wear off… but dang. It does feel good the next day. I feel so mellow and happy and relaxed. That’s some GOOD STUFF.

Mmm, Nyquil.

Boo to coughing and hacking all night.

Christmas cards are almost done. Tomorrow evening, I plan to start major housecleaning. It’s horrible here. Oh gosh, it’s so messy. I can’t stand it. I try to keep it straightened up at least, but it’s so hard with a 2 year old. But my birthday party is next Saturday! The house has to be spotless! Well, almost. I still can’t bring myself to erase the Aidan sized handprint on the wall by the front door. :)

Speaking of Aidan, he has discovered that crayons work on the wall. Lord help me.

Can I just talk about how happy I am to have no obligations tomorrow? I attended the Christmas program Thursday, there are no church services. I’ll miss seeing my friends, though. Actually, I doubt it. Who knows when the Nyquil will wear off and I’ll actually get up?

Good night. Or morning. Or something.

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