Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color
His Name Adam
His Looks/Style Shaggy black hair, blue eyes, wears eyeliner, really skinny, pale, lip ring, band t-shirts, tight pants, and converse
How you met McDonald’s
How he tells you he loves you Gives you flowers every day
What he calls you Love
How far you’ve gone everything but sex
This fun quiz by _shelovedaboy – Taken 37708 Times.

New – How do you get a guy to like you?

So okay. I’m digging the name (I love the name Adam), the black hair, blue eyes, skinny and pale. Not really digging the eyeliner, though. Even *I* don’t wear eyeliner. Not so much the lip ring either. The Converse is just fine. :) LOL about the McDonalds!!

Not much to report. Wrapped some presents today. Cleaned a little bit. The dining room/playroom is straightened up, and the family room was nice and neat but I messed it up again with present stuff. Entertained the thought of answering my emails, but I don’t think so. I have ten and they all take about an hour or so to answer, and I don’t have that kind of time tonight. Well, I might answer one or two. ;) We’ll see.

Took a nice nap in the recliner. Skipped the chiropractor’s again. Had Arby’s for dinner. Christy came over and we watched A Christmas Story, Good Eats, Unwrapped, and part of Emeril. I <3 The Food Network. It’s always fun to have quality time with other girls. :) Back to work tomorrow. *sigh* Let’s hope and pray it’s not hellish for me. :(

OH GOD. I forgot how much amoxicillan stinks!! Ew. I open that bottle and it nearly blows me away. Cowabunga. But hey, if it’s going to make me keep feeling better, then I am okay with it.

I have 2 more CDs of pictures to add to my online album sometime soon. I’m not sure when I’ll get that taken care of, though. Tomorrow is cleaning night, Friday is the Christmas thingy for The Grove, Saturday is MY PARTY and Sunday, well, Aidan will be back. So my free time will be limited again. Back to normal, eh? Maybe the 23rd I can get away with playing on the computer, if Aidan will let me. We’ll see.

Alrighty then. Later!

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