The Grove was nice last night, but what was even better was having quality time with Emily, Sara, and Tami at Steak and Shake til late. We talked about anything and everything, and I am so happy I got the chance to spend time with Sara. She’s really cool. Actually, all the “kids” in that family are great.

I gave Tami and Tina their Christmas gifts, and they loved them. I’m going to give Kelly P hers next week, I think. Or this weekend. Depends on how long I can wait! :) Oooo, I got a gift (How To Write A Damn Good Novel) from Star (selfstyled) yesterday!! :) I love it already. Thank you so much, darling!!! Wishlist surprises are the best! I also got stuff from Tami–a rose scented candle, some Chapstick, and pink bubble bath. (I told her I wanted pink stuff). Tina got me a Legolas magnet which does not make me sad at all. ;) She said that there is more for me coming, which I’m excited about! :D

Some of my favorite quotes of the night:

Bizzy (to Chris): You’re funny. I kind of dig you.

Ronni (quoting Cartman): My mom says there’s a lot of black people in Africa.
Tyler: I’m not sure how to respond to that.
Emily: It’s true! There are a lot of black people in Africa!

Tony: Ha ha ha ha. (pause) HAAAA!

Those Grove gatherings are so fun. And you know what? There’s this really cool guy there named Andy or Kramer, depending on my mood, who always forgets my name, but I really want to hang out with him sometime because he’s awesome. Even though he can’t remember my name.

I need to take pictures of the tree as the gifts pile up under there! It’s so pretty and festive. But the house is such a mess. I’m really overwhelmed, and I just end up saying “sod it, I’ll take care of it later.” Especially when the cold medicine starts to kick in… like now. But I can’t sleep all day today, because I have errands to run and I have to clean clean clean.

I have quite a few emails to answer. And so many chores to do before Saturday, when I have my party! I’m really excited. So many people are coming, and Emily (yoimemily – who is officially my 4th best friend, it was decided early this morning at Steak and Shake) is spending the night. That is going to be so much fun!

Friday night, though, is The Grove Christmas event. Christmas cookies, cartoons?, and broomball. I don’t know what broomball is, exactly, but I know that I will fall on my butt, and Chris and Tyler are going DOWN.

It should be good times.

Someone needs to tell the employees at Express to CHECK THEIR CLOTHES FOR SENSORS before they wrap them. I have to go, for the second time this week, back to Express to get a sensor removed. They try to act like their sensors are all that. I walk in and out of the store constantly and the things never go off. This is not the first time it’s happened, and definitely not the first time in a Wexnor owned store. It’s happened at The Limited, and at Victoria’s Secret several times. They really need to look into that. Get some sensors that work, or train their cashiers better. Or both.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m going to take out my contacts and let this cough medicine do it’s job, I think. My chiropractor would be so mad if she knew–they are so anti-medicine there. I haven’t been in days, actually. Just didn’t feel like driving all the way out there. But I told them I’d go tonight, so I’ll be there at some point. *sigh* I hope the visits drop soon. I’m starting to despise the long drive out there three times a week.

And that’s all (for now) folks.

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