Boss #2 gave me another gift today. A bottle of this Lancome Miracle perfume and lotion and lipgloss. It smells yummy and it’s PINK. :) I’m happy. Boss #1 gave me $20 to Barnes and Noble. You know, I love gift cards. It’s like 2 gifts in one to me. I get the card as a gift, then I get to go shopping, which is like another gift for me.

I’m a dork.

WHY did I ever lift my McDonald’s restriction? Starting Jan 1, I’m going back on. I’ve had it 4 or 5 times already. NOT GOOD FOR THE WAISTLINE.

Hmm. I feel like I had some other stuff to write, but maybe not.

Bloody hell, I’m sleepy. I really need to try and catch up tonight. I’m totally gonna bum it all out, word.

There are 95 thousand gifts under the tree. Chris is losing his mind. I’m going to hide his credit cards. And mine too.

So, I’d been confused as to why the windshield washer wouldn’t work. Then I asked Tyler and he said something so obvious. I had to smack my head. He said “frozen.” Bah. The ducts were frozen. It worked today. Now my windshield is nice. But the car looks like crap. Ugh. Winter. Boo.

I stole this from someone but can’t remember who.

movie you rented = I don’t rent movies
movie you bought = *thinking* Newsies
song you listened to = Addicted – Kelly Clarkson
song that was stuck in your head = see able
cd you bought = ummm….The Proud Family soundtrack
cd you listened to = a mix CD
person you called = my boss
person who called you = my boss
tv show you watched = umm…..hmm. A few minutes of 7th Heaven at Kelly’s house yesterday
person you were thinking of = :)

you have a crush on someone =
you wish you could live somewhere else = somewhere it doesn’t snow
others find you attractive = mm-hmm.
want more piercings? = navel
you like cleaning = not really
you like roller coasters = yup
you write in cursive or print = a mixture of both
long distance relationships = i’ve done
using someone = i’ve done
killing people = no
teenage smoking = nope
driving drunk = not a smart thing to do
soap operas = no

ever cried over a boy/girl = yes
ever lied to someone = yep
ever been in a fist fight = nope
ever been arrested = no

shampoo do you use = Optimum Care
shoes do you wear = my oxfords from Target, my pink and grey Champions from Payless, or my pink Chucks
are you scared of = something bad happening to Aidan

of times I have been in love? = 3
of times I have had my heart broken? = too f—ing many
of hearts I have broken? = *shrug*
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = at least 3
of scars on my body? = 1
of things in my past that I regret? = shutup

funny = sometimes
hot = sometimes
friendly = yes
amusing = sometimes
loveable = umm…
caring = very
sweet = yes
dorky = oh FOR SURE!
humble = yes

slept in your bed = uh… me?
you went to the movies with = Tyler, Rob, and Kelly
yelled at you = Rob, probably. Haha.
sent you an email = Umm…. not sure.

said “I love you” and meant it = yes
gone out in public in your pajamas = not yet
kept a secret from everyone = yes
cried during a movie = yes
planned your week based on the TV Guide = no
been on stage = yes and I miss it
been to New York = not yet
been to California = not yet
been to Hawaii = not yet
been to Japan = not yet
been to Canada = not yet
been to Europe = not yet
been to Asia = not yet
been down South = well, I’ve been to Florida by way of Georgia–does driving through it count?
what time is it now = 3:09PM
apples or bananas = BANANAS. of course.
blue or red = blue
walmart or target = Target!!
spring or fall = fall
What are you gonna do after you finish this = work
what was the last meal you ate = Um… McDonalds. *ducks*
are you bored = a bit
last noise you heard = my typing
last smell you sniffed = what the f— kind of question is that?

do you believe in love at first sight = lust, for sure!
do you want children one day & if so, how many = I have one. THAT’S ENOUGH
most important thing to you in a friendship is = loytalty and fun

criminal record = no
do you speak any other languages = no
last book you read = Searching For God Knows What by Donald Miller
name some of your favorite things in your bedroom = my laptop
who you love = some people, Jesus
who you miss = Monica, Katie (live4himalways)
nickname(s) = Ronni
initials = RLD
how old do you look = HAHAHAHAHAHA. About 16, SUCKAS
how old do you act = the question is how YOUNG do I act! Hmm, probably between 12 and 19.
glasses/contacts = yes
braces = no
do you have any pets = 3 cats
you get embarrassed = mmmhmmm
what makes you happy = my friends, music, shopping, computers, gifts
what upsets you = hurt, being told what to do or being judged, cruelty, and yeah.


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