I’m currently at my friend Craig’s. We have no power at home and probably won’t til after Christmas. And the temps are going into the single digits. We got hit hard with this storm. What a crazy holiday this is. Lots of plans had to be changed.

The power came on a couple of times today, but it went off and stayed off. Aidan and I cuddled under the blanket and fell asleep. That was nice and warm because Aidan is warm! Then Chris came home and turned on the fireplace and lit some candles while we decided what to do. Now, we’re at Craig’s, I’m getting my internet fix, and it’s WARM.

Again, this is insane. How can people love this?

Actually, it’s very beautiful. The ice on the trees, the lack of light in our neighborhood. It’s so silent and eerie. If it would snow like this, and I’d not have to leave the house and I had power and heat, I’d love it. But alas, right now it’s a pain in my behind. Heh.

So yeah, we’ve got our white Christmas! For sure, for sure!

Edited to Add: WHY did my child open 4 gifts? Luckily, they were all to him. I heard paper ripping, then he said “ooooo.” *shakes head* He’s a mess. :D

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