…from my in-law’s house! I’ve been M.I.A. for a few days now. No internet or phone at home; I’m not expecting any until Wednesday or so. We got hit with the snowstorm to end all storms; ice is everywhere. It’s beautiful!! But it’s a pain. Our power keeps going on and off and on and off because the trees are so laden with ice that they keep falling over and breaking the power lines!

Last night was most interesting. The power went out again at 4:30pm, and stayed off til almost midnight. We slept then we played and opened some stocking stuffers by candlelight and cooked cocoa and chicken soup with sternos. I took pictures. :) We didn’t get up til 9 or so, and then we didn’t even start to open gifts til 10. Who does chores and showers before opening gifts? The Davis Family, apparently. Chris had to go and wake Aidan up.

I got tons of stuff, and now my Best Buy gift card total is over $300. I’m not done yet!! I’ll post a picture once things are back to “normal” at home. Aidan is sooo cute, he got so many things. It took him forever to open his gifts. And he hasn’t gotten his stuff from the grandparents and aunts and uncles yet.

Despite the troubles, I’m having a yummy Christmas. I miss my friends so much, though. And I haven’t seen Mommy yet–we have to wait til next week thanks to the weather and road conditions. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday!

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