I got to have lunch with Kelle Belle (itskels) today! :D We went to McDonalds. WHY was there so much trouble ringing up my gift certificates today? And then they forgot my fries! Goodness gracious. But it got all straightened out in the end. And I was very nice about it.

Today is going quickly. Not sure what the plans for the evening are. I’ll probably end up watching Popular DVDs again, if Aidan isn’t clamoring to watch The Little People. He yells “PEEPO!” at the TV. He LOVES those darn Little People. I do too. He watches them, I play on the computer, it works out well.

Wednesday, I get to hang out with Becky!!!! YEAH!!!! I am looking forward to some fun, quality time. And food. <3!

I’m thinking there will be no broadband internet when I get home today. I keep checking the network status and it’s still RED. From December 23rd. So sad. I have so many pictures to share with you!! Alas, I guess they’ll have to wait. I’m not trying to upload those albums on dial-up. It takes long enough with broadband.

That’s all for now. Byeeee.

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