Day: December 30, 2004


Man, I’m sleepy.

It seems that my days are speeding by. Is tomorrow really Friday? Do I really get a three day weekend? YES!

I love paid holidays. But after Monday, the next one won’t be until May 30th. I’m thankful that I have 3 personal days and 17 vacation days this year, though. 20 days off!! :) Whatever will I do?

How tempted am I to take January 4th off? Or even tomorrow? Ooo, taking tomorrow off sounds sooo appealing–but I love driving in and not having to deal with heavy traffic and stuff. I’ve been getting to work so quickly lately! Usually, it’s about a 40 minute commute. This week, it’s been 25 minutes or so. Plus I have chiro in the morning. I’ll plan on working tomorrow. It should be nice. Very quiet. I can get caught up on a lot. ;)

So, think of this. It’s 8:51am right now. (The LJ time won’t reflect that, but whatever). Two years ago, I was probably totally sleeping, having just given birth to little Aidan a little over an hour prior. Can you believe he’s already TWO? I love watching him grow. He has such a personality. My son is a clown! He loves the camera, he loves to be the center of attention, and he has presence. He’s a charmer. I think he truly has the potential to be famous. He’s cute, he has a great personality, he’s a flirt, a charmer, and very active and smart.

He’s a true blessing. :) I love Aidan.

I’m so tired! But I’ll be okay. Because I get to hang out with Becky tonight! I’m really looking forward to that. We’ve been craving some quality time together for a while now. It should be good.

And I think that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. In the meantime, check out some random stuff about me. WooHoo and Yay for randomness!


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Dinner and Partay!

I took Aidan to dinner at Bob Evans. He was so good. He loves the cheddar baked potato soup. He’s so neat, too. He hates spills and messes and is even kind of anal about it. I know it’s my fault–I used to wipe his hands and/or mouth after every bite even when he was a tiny little guy. So, he’s two now. The next couple of years should be fun. Yeah, yeah. Fun.

After dinner, we went to Craig’s to hang out with friends and watch the Buckeyes. The game is still going on, Ohio State is kicking serious bootay!!! GO BUCKEYES!! :D

My favorite quotes of the night came from Brian P:

I don’t associate with people who drop kick little boys.
His face was magnetically attracted to the table.

It was fun to see Joshua and Brian and Cammy and David and Lauren, and to meet Gretchen. We had a nice, fun crowd tonight. And good food too. Craig hooked us up!

Pictures soon! Of course!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!!!

I’m getting tired. I should go to bed. Okay. Good night.

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