I took Aidan to dinner at Bob Evans. He was so good. He loves the cheddar baked potato soup. He’s so neat, too. He hates spills and messes and is even kind of anal about it. I know it’s my fault–I used to wipe his hands and/or mouth after every bite even when he was a tiny little guy. So, he’s two now. The next couple of years should be fun. Yeah, yeah. Fun.

After dinner, we went to Craig’s to hang out with friends and watch the Buckeyes. The game is still going on, Ohio State is kicking serious bootay!!! GO BUCKEYES!! :D

My favorite quotes of the night came from Brian P:

I don’t associate with people who drop kick little boys.
His face was magnetically attracted to the table.

It was fun to see Joshua and Brian and Cammy and David and Lauren, and to meet Gretchen. We had a nice, fun crowd tonight. And good food too. Craig hooked us up!

Pictures soon! Of course!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!!!

I’m getting tired. I should go to bed. Okay. Good night.

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