I had a pleasant New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as some behind the scenes stuff (read:DRAMA) had gone down, but it was nice. I ended up ringing in the New Year with Rob, Tyler, Becky, Craig and of course Chris and Aidan. It came so quickly. I started drinking at 5pm. But I paced myself. I had 3 glasses of wine and an amaretto sour. I got buzzed and fuzzy, but definitely not drunk.

Rob is soo funny. I want to hang out with him more. He definitely manages to cheer me up. Often. All the time, actually. And you know what else? I love when he plays guitar. He makes the cutest faces when he’s singing, but the weirdest faces for pictures. AND AND I loved his song about Tyler.

I got to talk with Tyler for a long time and that was good. It had been a long time since we’d talked like that and it was nice to do it again. Craig, as always, was a tremendous help with Aidan. Chris was making the BOMB drinks. Becky is amazing. Aidan is cute and definitely hitting those teribble 2s. Lord help me.

Gratefulness being sent to Tyler because of his willingness to drive Rob and Becky all the way to my place to celebrate New Year’s with me even though he lives on the complete opposite side of the world from me. :D He’s such a good sport…on many levels.

Tina and Kim stopped over, looking gorgeous, and Tina gave me REALLY cool gifts! A Lord of The Rings activity CD-ROM and a Sean Astin’s book There and Back Again. But get this. The book is SIGNED. By Sean Astin. HOW SWEET IS THAT??????!!!!! Yeah, pretty frikkin sweet, right?

The movie of the night was Welcome To The Dollhouse. That is one seriously weird move. Tyler said it’s a lot like–oh crap. The one that just came out on DVD. Everyone’s talking about it. Dang it, I totally cannot remember. Oh well.

OH it just came to me. Napoleon Dynamite.

I’m so tired, but I’m waiting to see if my friends pop online, then I can make sure they got home okay. Becky is on, but Rob hasn’t done anything (he might not), and Tyler’s not on yet. I won’t be able to rest til I see them online and okay. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours. Isn’t that always fun?

Wow. I really feel like cussing.


Damn. That wasn’t satisfying at all. I know what I really want to say. But I won’t say it.

Best Buy finally got in the digital camera I wanted (did I already mention this?) so I got it today! It’s 5.1 megapixels, very cute, with a 3x optical zoom (the GOOD lens)! It looks like this:

I also bought a 128 megabyte memory stick, a jump drive, a camera case, and Kelly Clarkson’s new CD with all gift cards and I still have cards left!!! How awesome is that?? :)

In a few hours, I’ll be sleeping my head off in the car as we head up to Aurora to see my mommy for Christmas. I know it’s late, but travel conditions prevented celebrations that would have normally taken place last week.

Alrighty then. I’m banking that T might not sign on. I’m giving him 19 more minutes (til 5:45) and then I’m giving up and going to bed.

Gosh, I can’t believe the holidays are over. :( The anticipation builds and then it’s gone so quickly. In a flash. Then a new year starts. Who knows what’s in store for me? *sigh* The thought of it excites me, fills me with fear and anticipatory dread, and fascinates me. What new music will I discover? Will I meet new friends? Will my friendships with my new friends from 2004 continue to grow and blossom? What will Aidan learn and do? Will I get a new job? Will I publish a book? Will I be able to let that thing go? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Or maybe I’m just tired in general. Heh. Hey, maybe I can make it to 6:30 and it really will be 24 hours. I am such a trooper.

Happy New Year!!!

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