Tonight at small group was okay. The most fun happened afterwards, though. Let’s just say it involved flying candy, french fries, and talk of how there is less fat in the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A vs. the cole slaw from there. Crazy stuff.

Ate dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger with Aidan. Aidan was quite the charmer in there. I spent the time waiting for our food teaching him letters. He can recognize a B, and E, an A, and an O. He can draw an O as well. Sometimes, he recognizes a D or an I too. :) When we were leaving, he was walking around saying “byee” to everyone in the cutest little voice! I saw the entire restaurant fall in love with him. It was awesome.

While there, I had a cheeseburger made with provolone cheese and A1. It was very yummy. My drink was a chocolate ice cream soda! :) I hadn’t had one of those in years. It was very good.

There is so much I need to do and I just don’t really give a crap:
– balance checkbook
– pay bills
– clean my room
– put away laundry
– clean family room
– refill medication

Shopping List:
– deordorant
– toy box
– granola bars

I feel tired, and I’m going to try to sleep before one for once in my life. So good night. Sorry nothing exciting happened today–that’s life sometimes.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m going to Disneyworld in May? And I want to go to Vegas in March, New York anytime to see Wicked, and Chicago to see Jen*Jen, and Florida to see Ivy? Man, I’d love to do all that traveling, but I don’t have the money or the time or the energy to do so. We’ll see, though.

Gosh, I’m fighting it. Normalcy, that is. I miss the holiday season. :(


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