Day: January 6, 2005

Mm yeah…

Concord and Ho Hos. Spirit lifter anytime. :)

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Holy Banana….

I’m suddenly in a very, very, very bad mood.

No clue why. I just am.

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It’s Raining Again

It’s raining again. Roads are closed because of flooding. Boohoo.

It’s getting cold again. Therefore, I am IN for the night.


But I got a cute shirt, pajamas for Aidan (4 blanket sleepers for $12 total!!), lots of yummy food and snacks, and I picked up my meds as well.

Good times.

Good me.

Now I can have a glass of wine. ‘Cause I bought some of that too. Mmm, Concord. Grape juice with a kick. ;)

I’m going to feed and cuddle-wuddle my son, get comfy, and pour myself some of that Concord. Or maybe not so much. If there is a cork, I’ll have to wait ’til Chris gets home. Meep. (I’m kinda sorta scared of corks….)

Til later….

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Sigh of Relief!

Bills are paid! Many of them in full!!! YEA!!

Checkbook is balanced!

Prescription refill ordered!

Ordered new CDs!

No plans for tonight, so possibly early to bed again?

OR a date with Aeropostale?

It stopped raining??!?!?!?!? Finally?

WOW. And today started off kind of crummily too. :)

I really want to get my “Friends” scrapbook started sometime in 2005. I wonder if that will ever happen? I have so many pictures I need to get printed. That’s going to cost me a fortune. But it’s worth it.

Mmyeah, checking out the Meijer sales. Orange juice, buy one get one free. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I have not been able to get enough orange juice the past few days. Ragu, buy one get one free. Spaghetti, anyone? Bacon, buy one get one free. Oh yeah, baby. Grape juice! What?? Meatballs??? Fruit snacks? Holy cow. And HoHos are on sale!!!! Yeah, I might have to stop there. Well, there is no *might* there. I have to stop there to get my medicine–but I’ll go tonight if it’s not raining and if Aidan is in a good mood. :D


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BMG is a dangerous place.

I just went and FINALLY paid my bill from I don’t even know how long ago. Once it processed, I got a nice little screen saying “Now you can pick a free CD!” A paid in full bonus? Seriously, if they offer incentives to get you to pay in full after being probably 18 months past due, then I should make my BMG bills past due more often.

Nah. I don’t like having that hanging over my head.

As I checked my shopping cart, I realized I had six more free CDs to redeem. I redeemed them. Now I’m getting lots of music in 10-14 business days. :D My iPod will be busy. Which reminds me, I still need to load Kelly Clarkson on that baby.

But there is that shipping and handling thing BMG has going on. Which is why I’m getting music in 2 weeks as opposed to a few days. The last time I paid for express/next-day shipping, we got a mother winter storm and nothing came on the days they were supposed to!

Still a good deal, though. I paid $31.50 and I’m getting 7 CDs and a 2-disc set. Can’t beat that with a stick.

YAY for music!

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