1. Name one toy (not an adult toy like an iPod, but a real toy for kids) that you have in your room. – my teddy bear Pandernoodle, and a stuffed Mickey Mouse.
2. Have you kept any fave toys or books from your childhood? – Pandernoodle. And lots of Barbies.
3. What would you ask for for Christmas if Santa would bring you a toy in your stocking this year? – Ooo, probably those neat little Graco baby toys and a doll.
4. What comic strip/book character are you most like? Why? – I don’t know!!
5. Did you play with dolls when you were a kid? Any particular ones? – Yes. Barbies for sure, all sorts, actually.
6. Do you like playing with kids now? What’s your favorite play-with age?? – Yes. I love 3-5 year olds.
7. Are you able to act goofy in public? (or do you have to be chemically altered??!) – YES!
8. If I held your hand and started skipping down the street would you skip with me?? – YUP!
9. Would you like someone to read you a picture book? – If they really want to.
10. What is your favorite bedtime story? – anything.
11. Name any kids records you like or would listen to again. – I wish I had my Happy Birthday Barbie albums again…
12. Do you like goofy candy like lik-m-stiks and gummy worms and candy shaped like lipstick? What kind? – Gummy worms. And I used to like the little juice cartons filled with fruity flavored gum.
13. Do you play with dogs, or do you just stand and talk with people while dogs play with each other? – I love dogs.
14. If you were on the floor in a playful mood what would you be doing? – Playing with toys, or wiggling around or something.
15. Can you name one popular toy on the market now? – Halo 2
16. What’s your favorite board game? – Scattergories and Scene It
17. Have you ever as an adult worn pyjamas with feet? – YES!!!
18. What is the most childish thing in your possession? – Put it this way. Most of Aidan’s Little People stuff weren’t bought only for him….
19. Do you like to giggle? – mmhmm
20. Do you laugh at knock knock jokes and other inanities that 6-12 yr olds think are funny? If you have a joke like this, tell it to me! – Yup.
21. Has anyone ever admired how you’ve retained your childlike qualities? – Not admired. Been annoyed by them, yes.
22. Have you ever role played being a little kid with another adult? – Of course.
23. Do you like to make things out of playdoh? (Do you like how it smells??) – Playdoh is awesome.
24. How about Lego? Every once in a while I get into the Legos. Not too often…
25. Is your child you hooked on videogames? – Not yet.
26. Do you like sweet breakfast cereal made for kids? What kinds? – YES. Trix, Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles.
27. Tell me what you’d put on an ice cream sundae. – Chocolate sauce, cherries, and whipped cream. Gotta have sprinkles too.
28. When is the last time you had a waterfight? – Ooo, that’s a good idea…
29. Do you ever pee your pants? NO!
30. Tell me about a really fun time you had lately acting in a very childlike manner. – Um…I think when Aidan and I look at each other and scream for no reason. It’s just fun.


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