So, I was heading to work when I saw, on the side of the road, several pairs of shoes. All kinds. Oxfords, flipflops. Just sitting there on the highway. Whut?

When I got out of my car, some older person, driving a minivan, pulled up and was blasting – BLASTING some techno-sounding music. I never thought I’d hear that coming out of a minivan!! Then, as I was walking down the stairs in the parking garage–I saw a Lizzie McGuire bracelet wrapped around the stair railing.

Random is as random does, I guess.

The LJ comment emailing system went beserk. I saw that I was getting comments on the site, but I wasn’t getting any emails. When I checked my email yesterday and saw that it had gone from 0 to 18, I realized that the emailing system must have come back up. It’s strange to have an inbox full of “reply to your post” subjects. But fun, that’s for sure!

Andy is coming down tonight. I’m thinking a trip to Best Buy MUST happen. But oh, what should I buy with my abundance of gift card and reward zone money?? :)



I am so ready for the weekend to start, although it won’t be much of a weekend for me seeing as I get to be “single mom” for the next few days…. :[ But then starting the 12th, I get a week off ’cause Aidan is going to see his grandmommy! YAY!

“Take The First Sentence From The First Post Of Each Month Of 2004. That’s Your Year In Review.”

January: N/A
February: N/A
March: N/A
April: N/A
May: N/A
June: Hola.
July: Actually, I guess last night rocked, technically.
August: I have so much stuff to get.
September: OMG.
October: Just thought I’d update while waiting for a program to download for a survey.
November: I’m finally moved into my new desk at work.
December: Ironically, the church service that I walked out on Sunday for several reasons was the topic of discussion tonight at small group.

Wow. Very strange. Well, see the thing is, I use subjects and my first sentence usually plays off of the subjects. SO yeah, mine are going to be kind of weird.


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