Day: January 8, 2005


What a way to spend a Saturday night. :)

This really is more about me than you ever cared to know. Read them if you’re THAT bored. Warning: There might will be some *language* behind these cuts so don’t read it if you’re easily offended or something…


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You are so beautiful to me….

I want it. I have to have it.


$500. Even I’m not that crazy, not this time of year! :D

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But Moving On..

‘Cause God knows I worry too much.

Andy and I went and had lunch at Panera today. I forgot to get a cinammon crunch bagel, and when the line finally disappeared, I went and they were all gone! *sniffle* But I got chicken noodle soup, 1/2 asiago roast beef sandwich, and Aidan had chicken noodle soup which he LOVED! :) After Panera was BEST BUY! Andy got me a wireless router so we can reconfigure my LAN and get rid of all the mess (modem, router, hub, and access point) and have only ONE thing to deal with if we have more internet/power/network fiascos. Fun, fun. He also nabbed a cute little DVD Player for $25! I played DDR there and a bunch of people were gathered around and watching me. I actually cleared the stage! :) I used one of my gift cards and got “Mall of America” Tycoon. That should be fun. But what I’m looking for is a decent computer Scrabble game. One that is NOT online. Any suggestions, anyone?

After Best Buy, we went to Meijer where I got tons of cool stuff for under $40! I got 2 Disney pillows for 6.99 each, a toy for Aidan for really cheap, grape juice, toilet paper, and wine glasses. I LOVE Meijer’s clearances, especially the special Saturday deals when they offer up to 50% MORE off of the clearance prices! There was so much more I wanted, but I controlled myself. :D

So… that’s all for now. Later, folks!

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Friday Night & Fun

Had a great time Friday night/Saturday morning. Eating wings, watching silly movies, looking at pictures–always a good time. Bex, glad we got to stay up late talking. Rob, thanks for the comic relief and my favorite quote of the night (they tend to come from you a lot):

Hugs, not drugs is the way to go.

Thanks Andy for chillin’. :D Although you’re still here! :) Heehee.

I think a trip to Best Buy needs to occur. They open in fewer than 5 minutes, ya know!

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