What a way to spend a Saturday night. :)

This really is more about me than you ever cared to know. Read them if you’re THAT bored. Warning: There might will be some *language* behind these cuts so don’t read it if you’re easily offended or something…

I found this one in a friend’s really old LJ entry.

I am not: perfect
I hurt: all the time
I love: God, Aidan, music, shopping, computers
I hate: when I make stupid choices, when people are pissed at me, struggling with certain sins (best kept private except from God)
I fear: too many people finding out my deep, dark secrets
I hope: that one day I can love myself as God loves me
I crave: mmm
I cry: too darn much
I care: too much
I always: worry about everything
I long: to write for a living
I listen: all the time.
I hide: lots of secrets and wicked/bad parts of me
I drive: a lot
I dance: all the time, even at Best Buy in front of everyone (DDR!)
I write: A LOT
I breathe: air
I play: with Aidan’s toys a lot.
I miss: nothing much…
I search: for happiness in lots of wrong places
I learn: something new everyday
I feel: scared. all the flippin’ time.
I know: nothing much, really.
I say: what about breakfast at tiffany’s. sorry.
I succeed: at being aidan’s mommy–most of the time.
I fail: at too much
I wonder: what God has in store for me
I want: to go to sleep
I worry: myself sick
I wish: I was normal, whatever that means
I have: lots
I give: loyalty, love, and maybe too much?
I fight: with God
I need: to be less sensitive, sabatoging, worried, scared

01. Full Birth Name: yeah
02. Hair Colour: golden
03. Eye Color: hazel
04. Height Currently: 5’2 and 1/2″
05. Glasses/contacts: depends on my mood
06. Birthdate: December 20
07. StarSign: Sagittarius
08. Current Age: :)
09. Siblings: 1 sister
10. Siblings Age: :)
11. Location: OH
12. College Plans: myeah, about that…
13. Any Piercing: I want to get my navel done again!

01. Best Friends: um… Andy, Jen*Jen, Charla, Ivy
02. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: –
03. Current Crush: –
04. Hobbies: writing, photography, computer, music, reading
07. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: Hyundai Accent
08. Are You Timely Or Always Late: I try to be a bit early.
09. Do You Have A Job: Yes.
10. Do You Like Being Around People: Sometimes… I like my alone time too

01. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: Too many times.
02. Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: *eye roll*
03. Do You Have A “Type” Of Person You Always Go After: Meh.
04. Want Someone You Don’t Have Right Now: I used to… now I’m not so sure…
05. Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: meh… I guess
06. Are You Lonely Right Now: –
07. Ever Afraid You’ll Never Get Married: –
08. Do You Want To Get Married: –
09. Do You Want Kids: My one and only Aidan

PEOPLE Who Do You Think Of When you Hear These Names:
Shawn/Sean: a guy I knew in college.l
Steve: :) mmm good memories
Pat: SNL
Bobby: Brady
Jessica: Sarah
Elizabeth: my mother in law

01. Room In house: loft
02. Type of music: anything that sounds yummy to me
03. Song: Anywhere Is by Enya
04. Memory: I have tons!
05. Day Of The Week: Saturday
06. Colour: pink
07. Perfume Or Cologne: I think Shi, by Alfred Sung
08. Flower: wildflowers
09. Month: December
10. Season: Autumn
11. Place to be kissed: don’t fucking touch me.
12. Location for dates: –

01. Cried: Surprisingly, no.
02. Bought Something: Yes.
03. Gotten Sick: No.
04. Sang: Yes.
05. Said I Love You: Mmhmm.
06. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn’t: Mmmhmm.
07. Met Someone New: No.
08. Moved On: Trying…
09. Talked To Someone: YES!
10. Had A Serious Talk: Yes. <3 Bex. 11. Missed Someone: Yes. 12. Hugged Someone: Yes. 13. Kissed Someone: My precious booba. 14. Fought With Your Parents: No. 15. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: - 16. Had a lot of sleep: No. 17. Wanted This Survey To Be Over: Meh. [What band..] Reminds you of an ex-lover: Enigma Reminds you of an ex-friend: - Makes you cry: - Makes you laugh: Puck & Natty (no longer around) Makes you smile: - You never want to hear again: Third Eye Blind (which is ironic 'cause one of those Puck & Natty guys is in Third Eye Blind)... Sums up your teenage years: New Kids On The Block You want to get married to: Radiohead You like to wake up to: - You like out of your parents record collection: The old Motown stuff. You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Yellowcard, I think. (Thanks, Tyler) You love the video more than the tune: Videos? They still show those? Reminds you of your first crush love: - Reminds you of your now crush love: - Makes you think of sex: Enigma Makes you think of being alone: -l Has only been released recently but you love already: - Are you embarrassed to admit you like: -. Perks you up: - You love to sing to: - [Four beverages you drink frequently] 1. juice 2. water 3. Kool Aid 4. punch [Four TV shows you liked when you were a little kid] 1. Punky Brewster 2. The Electric Company 3. Sesame Street 4. Mr. Rogers [Four places to go in your area] 1. Easton 2. My House. :D3. Steak & Shake 4. - [Four things to do when you're bored] 1. Go on the Computer 2. Listen to Music 3. Watch TV/movies 4. Read [Four things that never fail to cheer you up] 1. Happy Aidan 2. Chocolate 3. Feeling loved by my friends 4. Being with good friends [Four things you can't live without] 1. God 2. Music 3. Food 4. People who love me [About ten years ago *list three things*] 1. I was 20 and in love, maybe? 2. I was still in college. 3. I had a LOT less debt. [About four years ago *list three things*] 1. I was a newlywed. 2. I was losing friends left and right. :(3. I was trying to get pregnant. [about one year ago *list three things*] 1. I was very depressed. 2. I was very lonely. 3. I didn't have my drivers license. [Today...] 1. I went to Best Buy. 2. Had a good day with Aidan. 3. Ate Panera [Seven things you love] 1. God 2. Aidan 3. My friends 4. Writing 5. Computers & wireless internet 6. Journals 7. Expensive stuff [Seven things you dislike] 1. Fighting/arguing 2. Being hurt 3. Being lied to 4. When my friends are sad 5. Stress 6. Being so sensitive 7. Being made fun of [Seven facts about you] 1. I have dreams but I'm too scared to pursue them 2. Aidan is my only reason for living 3. I can and usually feel really lonely even if I am surrounded by people 4. I cry too much 5. I don't take good care of myself 6. I'm borderline anorexic and feel disgusted when I eat too much/binge 7. I'm TOO sensitive Spell your first name backwards - acinor (my evil twin) The story behind your lj username - I've been lilrongal for almosst 8 years. Do you like girls or guys - I hate everybody. Where do you live - in a house on a street Blanket - whut? Shoes - pink and grey champions ($9 from payless) Handbag - ooo... prada Cd in stereo right now - nothing Tattoos - none, but maybe I want one? Piercings - navel within the next 6 months. What you are wearing now - pink running pants (aeropostale!), white teeshirt. Hair - bun Makeup - none Who or what (was/is/are) - ... In my head - wouldn't you like to know? lots of blackmail material for sure... Wishing - see above. After this - more journaling Talking to - Andy Eating - shutup Person you wish you could see right now - no fucking comment Is next to you - the back of the couch? Some of your favorite movies - superstar Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - meh The last thing you ate - a frozen hoho Do you like candles - um hmm Do you like hugs - usually Do you like the taste of blood - um... no. Do you believe in love - what kind are you talking? Do you believe in soulmates - yea... Do you believe in love at first sight - lust, maybe? Do you believe in heaven - yeah, not that i'll ever get there. Do you believe in forgiveness - shutup. What do you want done with your body when you die - I really don't give a banana. Who is your worst enemy - ... If you could have any animal for a pet what would it be? - A GIRAFFE!!! What's the latest you've ever stayed up - 27 hours. sweet. Ever been to belgium - no. Can you eat with chopsticks - kinda. What's your favorite coin - I like bicentennial quarters. What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - London, Los Angelos, Sydney, Chicago, Las Vegas (well, maybe if they'd do something about the smoking) What are some of your favorite pig out foods - fucking... chips, hohos, chocolate in general really... What's something that you wish people would understand - That I'm THROUGH living for everyone else (except Aidan) What's something you wish you could understand better - I am not going to say it here. Just know that it fucking sucks. Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - Jen*Jen. :( I think I’m done with the surveys now, I’m getting cranky!

The Creator

Your Jobs: You need a job where you can put your creative resources to good use. You can be a teacher , manager, counselor, spiritual leader, journalist, or designer.

You need someone who can accept your moodiness and learn to deal. You cannot have someone who will constantly put you down, order you around, or
ignore you. You need a listener who cares about your rapidly changing feelings. You may set your standards too high.
Your dream guy= Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Your dream girl= Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8, Alyssa from Chasing Amy

Most Likely…
You most likely…
Are a Gemini, Cancer, or Taurus
Like artsy movies and dramas
Dont play any sports
Have two sides to you
Like movies that make you think
Follow a religion

Best Friends: Dreamers, Social Butterflies
Love Interests: Dreamers and other Creators
Enemies: Villians and Kings

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