So, it’s supposed to be an awesome day today, weatherwise. It’s not supposed to rain a lot, and the temperature will be in the 60s? That’s amazing.

I’d planned on going home, napping, catching up on emails, then doing my hair. But it’s NICE out and I still need a new coat. So me thinks some shopping will HAVE to be done. But GAH. Remind me not to try to buy a winter coat in January. I’m having a really hard time finding coats I like that are my size! And oh crap, Lazarus-Macy’s is having a one day clearance–up to 75% off!!! I also have gift cards to spend.

Mmmyeah. Shopping might have to happen tonight. Woohoo.

Call my cell if you want to join me. I think I’m going to Easton. :D All of my favorite stores are there – Express, Gap (discount HEY), Aeropostale, etc. etc. I have to be able to find a coat somewhere out there….

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