It’s always nice to walk into The Grove and be tackled with hugs by TWO people!

I saw Monica today which was awesome. I’d missed her a LOT.

The Grove was nice. My favorite line was from a skit: I play tag by myself and I’m always IT!

Megan (megnita) was there! I hope she’s doing her homework now.

I’m scared. I planted the seed that Emily (yoimemily) was going to marry Tyler. Now she’s on a mission to see him married before he’s 22. Is she trying to get him married to her? I’m not sure. She has her work cut out for her, though. He turns 22 in June of this year. (And I’m not buying him a present!)

At any rate, his 43 Things list is very compelling. Heh, Tyler the Romantic. Who knew?

It’s COLD in this house. Chris probably turned the thermostat down to 68F. UGH. That’s way too cold–I have to have it at 72F at LEAST. :[

I’m very, very tired. So I’m going to bed now. Good night.

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