Man, I’m tired. I got home from Kim’s game/movie night about 11:20pm. I wanted to stay and finish watching Shrek 2, but Aidan and I were both tired and ready to go home. I put Aidan to bed and grabbed a shower. Then I made the mistake of getting on the computer. The next thing I knew, it was 1am. Bloody hell.

I went to sleep.

Traffic actually wasn’t toooo bad this morning. I can’t believe the number of accidents that occur every morning during rush hour. Yesterday morning, I think there were at least ten.

Uggh. I hate the sound of the phone ringing, and I’m getting annoyed with people asking how I’m doing. Bah. I could write a book but I doubt they actually care that much. And even if they do care, I don’t feel like going into it. Meh.

My glasses are seriously broke. I need to get over to the eye doctor and have them tighten the left drill mount again. At least it’s “warm” today–the temps are in the 30s. Much better than single digits and teens. I hate January. It gets unbelievably cold. And we have heat waves compared to parts of the country/world that have high temperatures of -40! What? That’s crazy.

Actually, I’m not a fan of winter at all. The snow can be pretty, but I hate driving in it and I hate walking in it. Playing in it is fun at times. But given the choice, I’ll take summer over winter.

I got Mandy Moore’s latest CD and I’m not certain how I feel about it. A couple of the songs I like, but most I’m not sure about yet.

Mmyeah. You need to join, mmkay?

And do this too: 43 Things

The Full Moon in up close and personal Leo is at 5:32 am EST opposite the Sun in distant and social Aquarius. The Moon, representing our subjective world of feelings, is now asking us to express our emotions and to ask for what we need. The Sun, however, is somewhat detached from our warm and romantic feelings, so we can experience a dilemma. We want to respond creatively and spontaneously, but instead we must face the reality of the larger situation. Additionally, mental Mercury is opposing Saturn, reminding us that we can’t always communicate what we know.

Wow, aren’t a I barrel of fun today?

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