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[ Current Clothes ] Cordorouys, shirt/vest combo thingy
[ Current Mood ] Kind of tired
[ Current Music ] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
[ Current Taste ] Water
[ Current Make-up ] Lipstick, pressed powder
[ Current Hair ] A little wild today…
[ Current Annoyance ] No comment
[ Current Smell ] None
[ Current thing I Ought To be Doing] Working
[ Current Desktop Picture ] Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe
[ Current Favorite Band ] None
[ Current Book You’re Reading] Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and Second Summer of the Sisterhood
[ Current CD In CD Player] Nothing, I’m listening to a playlist mix
[ Current DVD In Player] Little People (LOL)
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Almost chipped off pink
[ Current Refreshment ] Water
[ Current Worry ] I worry that I may have offended someone and/or said way too much. Meep.

Name: Ronni
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12.20
Height: 5’1″
Hair Color: Golden
Eye Color: Hazel
Eye Color Of Choice: I like my eyes. Sometimes I wish they were greener, but hazel is pretty nonetheless.
Writing Hand: Right

Nervous Habits: I do that leg shake thingy… and I play with my ear when I’m nervous and/or need to relax
Do You Bite Your Nails? When I’m very stressed or upset
Are You Double Jointed? No
Can You Roll Your Tongue? Yes
Can You Blow Spit Bubbles? Yes
Can You Cross Your Eyes? Yes

On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: I try to carry at least some cash for emergencies, but I’m not disclosing how much. It’s not that impressive, trust me.
What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: Tiffany bracelet and necklace, wedding ring(s)
Favorite Piece of Clothing: ACK! I have no one favorite!

Do you wind your spaghetti or cut it? Wind, for sure.
Have you ever eaten Spam? Yup.
How often do you brush your teeth? Twice a day
How often do you shower/bathe? Every day
How long does your shower last?: Probably 10-15 minutes.
Hair drying method: Hair dryer
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? Yes
What colors has your hair been? I highlighted it. It looked good but destroyed it. My hair took a long time to recover, so I’m never doing that again.
Do you paint your nails? Not really.

Do you swear?: Yes.
Do you ever spit? Ew, I try not to, that’s gross.

Actor: Adam Brody
Actress: Drew Barrymore
Food: Spaghetti
Month: December
Day: Friday night
Cartoon: The Proud Family
Shoe Brand: Skechers
Subject in school: Dance/gymnastics
Color: Pink
Person to talk to online: Becky.
Sport: Gymnastics
Body part on/in you: Eyes
Body part on the opposite sex: Hair, eyes, abs
TV show: The OC
Movie: too many to name
Holiday: Christmas
Magazine: The Writer
Vacationing Spot: Disneyworld or Las Vegas
Thing To Do In The Summer: Work, hang out with my friends, wear cute clothes, throw parties
Thing To Do In The Winter: Write, buy and wear cute hats, scarves, and gloves. Celebrate Christmas, shop the clearance racks.
Perfume: Shi
TV Station: n/a

The CD Player: Wicked soundtrack
Person you talk most on the phone with: Bizzy
Ever taken a cab? Yes
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? Of course
What color is your bedroom? White
Do you use an alarm clock? Yes
Name one thing you are obsessed with: No comment
Window seat or aisle?: Window
What’s your sleeping position? I don’t know
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? I always sleep under a comforter and/or blanket.
Do you snore? No
Do you sleepwalk? No
Do you talk in your sleep? No
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yes :)
How about with the light on? No
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? No

I have a lot of email to answer. I’ll try to do it soon. Tonight, I have the chiropractor then a dinner date with my favorite boy. :) After that, I’m coming home to rest. If I remember, I’ll watch American Idol. But seeing as I don’t watch a whole lot of TV now, that’s up in the air. Tomorrow, I have nothing planned. :D Maybe I’ll remember to watch The O.C. I’ve missed the past few weeks!

– pay bills
– organize pictures
– answer emails

I need to start packing my lunch again. Buying lunch is expensive and a pain because I have to get up and go get it. This means I have to get some groceries:

– bread/buns
– lunch meat
– lettuce
– chips
– granola bars
– mustard

I also need to start going to Sunday school again. My presence has been requested. And I do miss it.

I got a new book yesterday: Search for Significance. It’s in conjunction with a women’s bible study at church. I am not sure how many of the bible studies I’ll actually be able to make without having a sitter for Aidan lined up just yet (Craig?), but I have the book and I read one page and yes, I think it’s what I need. My friend Wendy had recommended it to me months ago. I’m glad it’s finally in my hands. :) I have a feeling it’s going to be wonderful for me. I think–I hope the words will sink in. So, even if I can’t make all of the meetings, again, I have the book. Oh yes. The book.

Wow. I just got struck with the weirdest craving for greens. This early in the morning. What the banana?

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