– Leaving work early. :D
– Having a couple of hours to myself because when I went to pick up Aidan, everyone was sleeping.
– Ice wine.
– Watching Aidan do more and more things on his own, like actually walk up the stairs, put on his own shirt and pants, make his own choices.

– My DVD player freezing up. I haven’t even had the darn thing for 6 months. :
– Leaving work because my work computer CRASHED and I lost every single piece of data. My Admin Advocate–gone. :( My music. Gone. They had to replace my hard drive.
– Realizing just how dependent I was on the computer at work. I had to do stuff by hand. I had to use the phone; I had to get up and WALK to people instead of sending an email. Oh, the horrors!
– Missing the O.C. because Aidan threw a fit when I turned off the Dora DVD.


I wish it was Friday. This week was/is exhausting. I’m sleepy. I’m thinking at 10, Aidan will get a bath and then go to bed. I’ll be following suit soon after. Heh.

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