Month: February 2005

Why I Feel Yummy Right Now

– My email inbox is… duh duh duh DUM! EMPTY!
Whoa! And I even started a new email conversation. Awesome!
The Bark is done, at least, as much of it as I can get done.
– I got to nap for a long time, and I’m still tired. I’ll sleep well tonight.
– I get to go to Panera with Christie M and Jenny E tomorrow!

Working on communications projects brings me so much joy. So much that I almost feel guilty for being so happy when I’m in the midst of a project. My heart beats faster, I can almost *feel* my cheeks flushing with pleasure. Powerpoint, newsletter, bulletin boards, editing and proofreading. All of it is so wonderful. I pray that God blesses me with a job where I can do those things for a full time. He would certainly be glorified in the joy I’ll get from that, let me tell you.

I heart Becky!

Had a good Sunday. Got to church early to take pictures for The Bark. I am having a BLAST working on that newsletter, you have no idea. Went to service, sat with Rob’s brother Josh. Took more pictures for The Bark then went to lunch at B-Dubs with some of my friends. Jen H and I played a couple of games of NTN Trivia. That’s always fun. Went to Best Buy where I convinced Chris to buy me Punky Brewster season 2 on DVD (Hee hee dawnmalek!). Then he bought me a yoga DVD. Woohoo.

Okay, it’s shower and bedtime for me. Good night!

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Catch Up Time!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, eh?

Yeah, I’ve either been busy or tired and most likely a combination of both.

Hmm, the last time I posted was early Thursday morning, I think. Ack. It took Friday FOREVER to get here. I was so glad when 4pm came. I was even happier that traffic was nice. And I’d had a good day at work. (huh, what??!?!?)

I got Aidan and we went to the chiropractor and then to the mall, where I upgraded my cell phone. I got a new Samsung, a camera phone this time. But it’s pissing me off already because “Get It Now” doesn’t work and neither does “Mobile Web.” I’m going back to the mall to get that straightened out. I’ll be there anyway because I have to return the new Chuck Taylors I got. I thought the size 5 would be okay but it’s not so much. It’s a shame because it was the last pair they had (black and pink ones), but oh well. I could use the money anyway. Couldn’t we all?

Thursday night, Rob and Bizzy came over along with Rob’s brother Josh. We watched Anastasia and ate Ho-hos. You can’t ask for a better evening. Two of my best friends (plus Josh), Ho-hos and quality movies. Plus some Golden Girls, of course. And snacks. And Rob playing guitar too. Yeah, it was fun. Speaking of Rob and Bizzy, I haven’t seen them in two days and I’m kind of feeling some withdrawal coming on. I haven’t had chances to hang out with them as much last week because of feeling so tired. Residuals from being so sick, no doubt.

I am starting to cough again and guess what? I had the funny colored mucous Saturday morning. BOO. I don’t think I’ll get as sick as before, but this is probably a cold so yeah. Bah. That crap is going around and around at work and elsewhere. We’ve had entire schools closed due to illness.

I am seriously late in returning Undercover Brother to Hollywood Video. Dang. I’ve only had the membership oh, say two weeks? Not a good start.

He spends a LOT of time alone…

I have a CRAPLOAD of pictures to post, and I have all but one of my meme pictures done!!!! :D I’ll try to have the meme pictures up this week! :) The others–yeah, about that. See, I didn’t realize I take so many pictures. It might be a while before the albums are updated.

In the meantime, click the cut to see some “teasers.”

WoO-HoO Pictures!

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Why is Friday night taking so long to get here?

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Big Surprise!

You scored as Christian.













created with

I’m not surprised at all that I tied for Buddhist, Catholic, and Christian. Lots of reasons why, don’t feel like getting into it right now, though.

Crap. How can it be after 10pm already? Why is there so little time for me to have fun? :( It’s times like this that I kind of envy those who are supported by others and therefore don’t have to work. Man.


Edited to add: WHY oh WHY are these girls on TV thinking their skanky, slutty dresses are appropiate for prom or teenagers for that matter? Actually, for anyone? Ewww. I’m all for flaunting it if you’ve got it, but PLEASE have some class about it.

AND…I am not looking forward to work. I really am not. I’m supposed to go with a better ‘attitude.’ Mmmhmm. Right. Remember how I hate being fake? Yeah, it’s like that. You know, it pises me off that certain other people can come in pissy and take it out on me, but I have to be perfect Mary Sunshine. Screw them. Oh, how I want to use more colorful language here right now. See? Here I go being fake again. Ugh, it makes me itchy.

(Yeah, not feeling very ‘Christian’ right now, if you couldn’t tell. *sigh*)

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