Day: February 2, 2005

Must Write Quickly…

So yeah. The goal is to be in bed before 11:30pm. Think I can do it??

I’ve been eating WAY too much. I’m going to get fat if I keep this up.

That’s it.

I’m severely cutting back. Else, my pants won’t be able to fit before long. And I can forget about getting a navel ring.

I don’t know why I’ve been so hungry lately…

Darn yummy snacks.

Or “nack nack nack” as Aidan would say.

Had an okay day, even though I was very tired. Catching up at work, sort of. Napped in a conference room during lunch. Watched a new Nationwide commerical that’s funny as all bananas. But I can’t disclose the details; the launch will be during the Superbowl. Trust me, it’s hilarious. Had a drama club meeting for The Grove. This should be interesting. They didn’t like any of my ideas but oh well. I had to do a lot of self talk not to take anything personally. Ate a meatball sub from Jersey Mike’s for supper. Yummmm!

I FOUND MY GLASSES! Oh wait, you didn’t know they were lost, did you? Yeah. I’m an idiot. Even though I looked through my bag 9,000 times, somehow I kept missing my glasses case. I had the darn things with me all along. Man, I’m a dork.

Things to do:
– update occassions book
– mail birthday card to Charla
– pay bills
– answer emails
– keep strong in my resolve

I think I might relax tomorrow night. Although I’d be up for renting a movie and watching it with people if that option were to arise. ;)

So yes, that’s all for now. Til later! :)

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When I Was…

From: Random Acts of Journaling

When I was five…

I loved…playtime
I hated…being quiet
I wanted…toys
I feared…nothing

When I was ten…

I loved…Barbie Dolls
I hated…salmon patties
I wanted…more Barbie Dolls
I feared…thunderstorms

When I was fifteen…

I loved…Joey McIntyre (New Kids on The Block)
I hated…not having a boyfriend
I wanted…my first kiss
I feared…being grounded

When I was twenty…

I loved…Mike
I hated…math
I wanted…the fun of college without the work
I feared…dying before I got baptised

When I was twenty-five…

I loved…Chris
I hated…certain people
I wanted…respect
I feared…being poor

When I was thirty…

I loved…Aidan
I hated…Christianity (not Jesus or God, but all the crap that surrounds the ‘religion’)
I wanted…no comment
I feared…my future

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The Night Owl In Me…

…says “NO, it’s NOT time to sleep!”

But the practical me says “You’re going to be tired as hell so GET TO BED NOW.”

And the fun-loving whimsical me says “Who cares? It was worth it and besides, that’s what they make Red Bull for.”

devil eyes…garden state…ding dongs…kool-aid…buddy the elf…loads of pictures…maniacal laughter (that may have only been me)

Let me just say that I’m in love with my friends. :D I’ll do anything for them.

And American Idol! Haha, some of those people. Dang.

Long day ahead. Work, Aidan, Craig’s for a bit, then drama club meeting. I’ll be out ’til 9pm at least. I think I’ll be turning in quite early. Like, once I get home early. Meep. I’m thinking a lunchtime conference room nap will be on the agenda for sure. I love those. :)

Looking forward to the weekend! :)

Yeah, sleepiness finally creeping in. I ate WAY too much today, remind me not to be so dang greedy in the future. I’m going to be up ten pounds in no time and that is never good.

(Not to mention the stomach ache. Ack.)

I want to take the day off of work. But I won’t. But man, it’s soooo tempting. I’m thinking one day off a month can’t hurt too badly, can it?

Good night!

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