Day: February 4, 2005


Okay, Gmail is out of control. I have 69 invites.

ANYONE WANT ONE????????? Leave your email address in the comments if you do.

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I wish the cats would stop puking.

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All About Aidan

I took the day off from work today because Aidan woke me up in the middle of the night freaking out and crying. I got maybe three hours of sleep. I’m pretty tired right now, but at least he’s happy and adorable.

I’ll probably get crap for this, but Teletubbies is on the TV. When he saw them he said “teletubbies” in his cute little voice! And his favorite toys lately are his preschool sized legos and his Hoover. I put batteries in the vacuum last night and he loves the thing. It’s so cute!

Dang it, he did something very adorable last night and I was supposed to document it, but I can’t remember! :( OH, I know! He was pissed off while we were at Craig’s, and he first closed himself in the closet. Anytime one of us went to check on him, he got pissed and slammed the door. Then he did the same thing in the bathroom. I figured he was just having a moment and would be fine, but it was kind of weird. I expected that out of him about 11 years from now, not already!

Holy cow, I’m tired. Trying to think of something to make Aidan for lunch. Looking forward to nap time! :)

Hmm, so yeah. I waited so long to finish this that now Boohbah is off, Aidan is eating noodles for lunch, and I’m still tired!

He knows so many words now! It’s awesome. This morning, when I was helping him get dressed, he was talking away. But darned if I knew what he was saying. But he does say real words, and he knows shapes (triangle is his favorite!), some letters, he can draw some of the letters, and he knows a couple of colors too. He’s so smart!

He started going to an in-home day care twice a week on Tuesday. She said he’s adjusting well. What I like is that he’ll learn to share, and he’s trying new foods because the other kids are eating them. For example, yesterday he ate quesadillas for lunch! We’ve been trying to get him to try those for two weeks! I’m glad he gets to interact with other children and that he seems to love it there. I wonder, though. Is it normal for a child to have bad dreams after seeing a new care giver for a bit? ‘Cause of the change in routine?

More later, maybe.

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