I think I’ve recovered from my late night/early morning dinner. I am starving now and the thought of food doesn’t scare me.

I’m ready for Craig’s Seinfeld party tonight. I don’t watch or like Seinfeld, but I’m excited to see my friends. :)

I had lots of weird/bad dreams over the past 14 hours. And I HOPE I dreamed that I told Chris “f*** you, I’m sick.”

I’m glad I’m not sick anymore. I’d love a meatball sub–but can’t have anything with that kind of acid in it for a while. Wah. Hmm. KFC will make me sick again. I wonder what I should eat?

If anything, ha. You know what I’m craving? A pretzel from Auntie Anne’s.

So random.

Oooo. It’s such a pretty day outside and I slept most of it away. That is so typical of me, though! Sunshine=heavy eyelids for me. Nighttime=WIDE AWAKE. Such is the life of a nightowl.

I’m going to take a shower and use Aidan’s baby soap. It smells soooo yummy. Shh, don’t tell Aidan, though. He might get mad. ;)

Okay then. Gone for now. Byee!

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