Day: February 19, 2005

Unexpected Fun & Other Stuff

Catching up with Chad and Christy, lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse (yay, got my steak craving satisfied!), a bit of shopping at Old Navy, seeing Rob at Auntie Anne’s, good times at Gameworks (Happy Birthday, Jenny E!)–definitely some last minute fun I didn’t anticipate when I woke up this morning.

Even though Aidan’s mood swings were less than desiring–in fact, he’s still in the other room having a fit but he won’t let Chris or me near him–I still had a good time playing some games, especially that Balloon Game thingy. Didn’t get to play DDR, the lines were way too long and the kids playing were way too good. I wasn’t about to wait all that time to embarrass myself!

Eh…Aidan is crying and crying. He’s hanging his head and sounding so pitiful, but anytime one of us tries to help him, he gets FURIOUS and pushes us away and runs off! What does one do in that kind of situation? Right now, I’m just leaving him and letting him have his moment. Oh Lordy, I’m never having another child. I can’t stand these situations. The crying, the helplessness. :(

At least I have lunch with Becky to look forward to tomorrow! :)

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I hate when I have messed up dreams.

This morning’s dream consisted of:

– a trip to New York City (I’d been there in another dream too, to shop)
– a crazy seriel killer who preyed on young, pretty girls (such as myself *g*)
– a young black girl begging her parents to let her play in some sport
– a pool party and lots of digital pictures
– my being late to class or missing class completely (I have this one often, which is odd since I am not in school)

I’m sure there was more. Ugh. A few things about being on medications, being sick, and sleeping weird hours: screwed up dreams, screwed up sleep patterns, no energy, lack of motivation, aches and pains. Double ugh.

Now I get to endure the wrath of Mommy because I forgot to call and deliver the bad news that Aidan won’t be visiting her ’til NEXT weekend. Bah.

EDITED – NO wrath! She heard my hacking and was totally cool!

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Fun Friday Night/Saturday Morning

FINALLY! Friday is the first day I felt like normal. I can tell you the exact time too. Three in the afternoon. That’s when I felt the most like myself physically than I had in DAYS. Still, at 4pm, I made Aidan lie down with me for an hour of mandatory quiet time. Oh, he was pissed. But he fell asleep by 4:25, as did I. I wanted to get him up at 6. We slept til 6:25, when Rob called with THEPLAN for the night. Aidan was suddenly quite possessive of me and didn’t want me to go anywhere. But I dragged him along and he was happy once I bought him dinner.

We watched some movie called AVP. I didn’t like it, it was gross. Lots of slime. Ew. I was glad we ate our Chipotle BEFORE we watched it. I played around on my computer mostly, though. I got to see Bizzy and Rob again which always makes me happy and you have no idea how glad I am to be feeling better, for Aidan to be feeling better. :):):) PLUS I got to hang out with Doug, even though he was totally drugged. Poor guy got his wisdom teeth out and was floating on codeine. He was fun, though. And Tyler too, with his random bursts of laughter.

Fun times, good times. :)

Night night!

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