I hate when I have messed up dreams.

This morning’s dream consisted of:

– a trip to New York City (I’d been there in another dream too, to shop)
– a crazy seriel killer who preyed on young, pretty girls (such as myself *g*)
– a young black girl begging her parents to let her play in some sport
– a pool party and lots of digital pictures
– my being late to class or missing class completely (I have this one often, which is odd since I am not in school)

I’m sure there was more. Ugh. A few things about being on medications, being sick, and sleeping weird hours: screwed up dreams, screwed up sleep patterns, no energy, lack of motivation, aches and pains. Double ugh.

Now I get to endure the wrath of Mommy because I forgot to call and deliver the bad news that Aidan won’t be visiting her ’til NEXT weekend. Bah.

EDITED – NO wrath! She heard my hacking and was totally cool!

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