It’s nearly 3am.

I can’t sleep.

I have to wake up in fewer than four hours for work.

I feel sick.

When I lie down, I cough my head off.

I’m getting a migraine.

My heart is racing at more than 100 MPH.

My mind is going even faster.

If I take tomorrow today off, my boss is likely to fire me on the spot.

How am I going to manage a full workday and taking care of Aidan in the evening? :(

I’m going to be so tired.

The more I think about it, the more anxious I become.

Maybe I can get away with taking 1/2 day, but I doubt it.

I’m taking Benadryl at 7pm so I can be sleepy by 9pm, and then I’m going to sleep the entire night through.

I think I know why I’m feeling so cruddy and anxious and overly excited and like I’m running on an overdose of speed or something.

But no one believes me.

I can’t get help if no one believes me.

So I guess I’ll deal.


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