…and I didn’t even cry. At any rate, I’m still looking for a new job. I need to be doing something profound, not just a bunch of tasks for other people. Ugh. I got an achieves, a small raise, and I’m getting a tiny bonus (thanks to the hurricanes, over $1,000 less than last year’s bonus). It’s over, and I plan to be somewhere new in 6 months. I HAVE to do it.


This was my horoscope for today:

This Full Moon in Virgo squares your Sun sign, which adds a bit of stress to already problematic situations. There really isn’t much you can do now that will impact your day, but paying attention to your feelings will help you to get you through this little storm. Don’t give up just as everything starts to shift. It’s not about dramatic change. It’s about acknowledging your own needs to those around you.

SO TRUE, SO TRUE! :) I stood up for myself. The second day in a row. I’ve been doing that a lot more this year. Ironically, it definitely wasn’t one of my resolutions. But I like it. I’m tired of cowering.

You know those stories of how the teachers put kids in the “special ed” classroom because they don’t seem to “get it?” I feel like that at work. I don’t “get it” because my skills are NOT proficient for that position. They’re meant for something else and I carry a lot of guilt because I feel like I’m wasting my talents. Talent wasting pisses God off. I just wish He’d give me a job where I can USE the darn things…and in the meantime, I suck at work because my heart is in something else. :(


PowerPoint class was SO MUCH FUN! Oh my gosh. I forgot how much I love learning and how much I love PowerPoint and all that stuff. I learned so many neat things! I can’t wait to put it to use. More than likely, I’ll be doing most of it for The Grove. Woohoo.

So, I told Chris I wanted prime rib for dinner and he said “Okay.” So yeah. I’m going to have to eat some meat.

He don’t eat no meat? What do you mean he DON’T EAT NO MEAT?”

^ What movie is that from? I’ll bet you don’t know. Even though it’s one of the best lines (in that film), I think.

OH! Guess what??! I’ve been a licensed driver for one year and two days now. All the more reason to celebrate.

I want to go shopping. But I truly have nothing I need to buy. Well, that’s not exactly true. We need dishwasher soap desperately. And I would like more composition books.

I just finished reading a book called Teen Idol by Meg Cabot. She wrote The Princess Diaries. Teen Idol was a fun read. Haha, I sound like a reviewer. Maybe I will go and review it….

Aidan is so cute. He’s talking so much now. He can say “people, please” (when he wants to watch Little People), and he knows eyes, ears, noses, mouths, tummies, feet, eyebrows, cheeks. He’ll point to them and recite their names. :) He is amazing, I love asking him questions and getting actual answers! He’s getting so big and I need to post more pictures, don’t I?

Okay then. Almost RED MEAT time. Later!

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