I’ve been pleasantly busy. Working on stuff for The Grove, dabbling a bit in my writing, hanging out with my friends. All wonderful things that I absolutely enjoy doing.

Chris is on his way to get Aidan right now. I was going to go, but I REALLY want to go and visit Lauren in the hospital. She had her daughter at 8:21 this morning! She’s probably exhausted. I’m going to go and see her later today after I stop at the store and pick up a lil somethin’-somethin’.

I feel like SLEEPING but there is so much I need to do before Aidan gets back home. I miss my little bugger!!

Had a busy week! Monday I slept all afternoon. Tuesday I had a meeting for The Bark. Wednesday I had a drama club meeting. That was fun. To have two people tell me “Don’t ever stop writing” was wonderful and made me blush. I think God has let me known plenty of times the talents He has given me. It’s time to use them. *Summons Braverism and Non-procrastinationism.* Thursday, I grabbed a nap, shopped for a little bit, then ate Penn Station subs. Mmyeah, won’t do that again. It made me sick and Rob too, who had finished my sandwich.

I have 25 emails that need attention in my inbox. A collage to put together, so much to do! And laundry. Oh crap, I still have to buy hangers. Darn it, I will have to get out of bed like NOW NOW NOW.

So, the Disneyworld trip in May has been finalized. I’m getting lanyards and pins! They come with our package! How excited am I about that? WoO-HoO, Disney pins! :) This package is amazing, we’re getting so many things. Character meals, dude, the shuttle to the hotels from the airport will have a character on it!!!! I am taking film and digital cameras for sure! I am so excited, I totally cannot wait.

I watched Goonies for the FIRST TIME on Thursday night! It was such a cute movie. I remember wanting to see it when I was little and asking my parents if they’d rent it for me, but they never did. But we own it and I can watch it anytime I want. I’m so glad Rob insisted I watch it.

Get It Now! and Mobile Web finally work on my cell phone. I only downloaded two things, though. The Mickey Mouse Club March ringtone and Bejeweled. Ordering too much will cost me a fortune, so I’m going to really keep myself in check. There isn’t much that I want anyway. I’d wanted a fun game and a cute ringtone. I am soo into Mickey Mouse all of a sudden. Well, it’s not actually sudden. It’s just… revived. :) So he’d better watch out ’cause I’ll be looking for him in May!

On Tuesday, it snowed like crazy while I was in Panera. I had to scrape my windshield. With a CD case. Those work well in a pinch. I couldn’t find my scraper and it was cold! So I did that and then remembered I had de-icer fluid in my car. So I turned it on. One swipe, two swipes, then the driver’s side wiper refused to work. Grr. I figured out the problem the next morning–somehow the nut had come loose. I’m not strong enough to tighten it, so I made it home that evening with a fuzzy windshield. I used pliers and tightened that bolt and now my wiper works fine! :) I did my own car repair–sort of.

Went shopping last night. Got three pairs of pants ($15 each, L.E.I. size 5, my favorite ever), some makeup, a book (Angus, thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging – bloody hell, there are so many sequels!!), hair serum, and Girl Scout cookies!

Okay. So everyone is always going on about how great Sephora is. I went in there for the first time yesterday and frankly, it was a bit much. I mean, all the self-testers were bothering me. People weren’t using the Q-tips and such, they were using the actual product implements which kind of disturbed me. I tried on this “Too Faced Lip Injection” stuff. HOLY COW. NEVER do that. That stuff hurts. I am not sure what they put in it but OUCH. The box says ‘a slightly intense sensation.’ There is nothing slight about that. It was downright painful.

Holy crap. I swear I can still feel it. Ugh, that can’t be healthy. I had a dream Ivy tried it. I’d like to tell her not to, because I think they use cinnamon to enhance that, and it would be VERY BAD for her. So Ivy, if you’re reading this, NEVER TRY that Lip Injection stuff. Not that you would anyway, but just in case. ;)

Now, back to the store. I was overwhelmed. There was so much makeup and so many people running around and it was so loud. I was looking for a very specific look and had NO idea where to start. I did pick up a box of Hard Candy glittery pink eyeshadow, though. Then I went down to Saks, the Bobbi Brown counter. I was browsing the lipsticks when a saleslady named Lane asked me if she could help me find anything. She was wearing the exact look I was going for; that dewey pinkish fresh look. But without a lot of stuff other than the basics. I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing makeup everyday and having stuff flake off and whatnot. She tried her look on me, I loved it, and bought it all. Got some free gifts too. Won’t tell you how much it cost, although Chris was totally okay with it. :)

(You guys can guess if you want).

I guess what I wanted was someone to show me what looked good on me, someone to put the makeup on me, and no chaos. Sephora was total chaos! And the cost of makeup brushes! I mean, some of them were close to $100! Do they really work that well, are they that worth it? Can I get some from Target for a lot cheaper that will be just as effective (and not shed?) You make up queens, please shed some light on the situation.

Hung out with my crew last night! :) Met Rob at Polaris mall where I ate dinner, then we met Bizzy and Becky (and her gorgeous friend Autumn) at Starbucks. I had some kind of Herbal Iced Tea blend. It was interesting. It smelled amazing! I’ll probably get it again. Then we went to Craig’s and watched Bend It Like Beckham and SNL. Good times, man. Good times. :)

Rob: (takes out a package of wintergreen gum and helps himself to a piece.)
Becky (to Rob): since when do you chew gum?
Rob: Recently I’ve been making out with myself. I’ve found that I’m a decent kisser.

Loud, screaming laughter from Ronni, Autumn, and Becky.

In Starbucks, we found some carving in the table. We tried all sorts of ways to decipher it, but it just didn’t work. Now that I think about it–I wonder if it was of someone writing on paper and pressing hard, thus creating the (not so deep) impressions? Hmmmm. *strokes chin*

I had weird dreams about Tyler all morning. One was of him checking out this girl and then finally getting the nerve to ask her out. I think I might have teased him about it in the dream. Meep. I’ll have to remember not to tease him about girls, I think it irritates him. But then, the other dream was of him kissing someone else! It was one of those unexpected “whoa how is this happening why is this happening” kisses. I was sitting there watching them like “that is SO WEIRD!” Especially since I know her and he knows her and based on some prior knowledge I don’t think that would have a chance in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks of happening. VERY STRANGE.

Tyler, stay out of my dreams. I MEAN IT. Dang it.

The dreams were weird all around anyway. At one point, there were these three girls who were so mean to me and made fun of me and poked fun at all of my features. I got pissed at Chris because he was friends with them and wouldn’t defend me. Aidan was a baby and I remember grabbing him and deciding to pack and leave Chris because I thought to myself that I didn’t need a husband who was going to make fun of me too. But I had to get a shower first. Oh wow, it was such a strange dream. There were other parts too, like my car getting fixed and whew. Maybe eating a candy bar before bed wasn’t such a good idea….

(Those three mean girls can go jump in a lake. They’d better not come into my dreams again either).

Okay, off to work on The Bark for a bit, then a shower/bath, Meijer, then a visit to a new little baby!!

But first a nap. JUST KIDDING. Maybe.

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