Randomness. Just feel like letting things bubble out of me for now.

Dealing with residual bad feelings about certain things (read: people) but trying not to think of it too much. I don’t like the way it makes me feel. My stomach gets all icky inside and the bitterness I feel. It’s just… UGH.

This week has been crazy. Monday night–what the heck did I do? Ah. Went to play around with the copy machine and see how The Bark would come out. Got home around 830ish. Rob came over later, around 10. We hung out. Tuesday night was The Grove. Ah yes. The madness before the show. Powerpoint, The Bark, trying to get everything to come together. Somehow it did. And Jenny E and I got RAVE reviews on The Bark. :) I’m so excited about it, and I had so much fun doing it.

After The Grove, a few of us hung around talking and talking. Then Rob called and he, Kim, Mr. Matt, Tina, Bizzy and I went to Steak and Shake. WOOHOO. I was so happy to see Rob at The Grove! :)

Tonight was the chiropractor. Didn’t get home until after 7! Chris ordered pizza, I gave Aidan a bath. I got some writing done which makes me very happy! Finished the 2nd installment in the Georgia Nicholson books, will pick up the 3rd sometime soon. I’m glad the books are fairly cheap. :) Another reason to love YA novels.

Returned stuff to the library, and FINALLY returned Undercover Brother to the video store. I’m sure my fees are insane by now. Oops. That’s why I’m not that great with libraries and video rentals. I just don’t get around to returning them when I should. Oops. But the library stuff is in BEFORE the due date. So hahaha.

Got complimented by Boss #2. He told me I’m doing a good job and then pointed out the things I’m doing well. That’s important to me. :) He’s so funny and cool.

Lots to do Thursday evening. Gotta get a dress, maybe shoes. I’d thought of going to the mall, but I’m too tired already, so Fashion Bug it is. Maybe, if I’m feeling brave and ambitious, I can pop over to Walmart and pick up a few things I’ll need this weekend. Yes, I’ll do that. Not too far from home, so I won’t be getting home too late.


I’ve been BUSY, and it’s okay. As long as I get enough rest I can handle it. The resting is the hard part because my mind is racing a mile a minute all the time.

Aidan is soooo amazing. He’s talking more and more and more and now he knows colors! He knows yellow, blue, green, and purple!! He knows more letters, is making more little sentences and soaking up new words like a spong. He was so cute at the chiropractor! She adjusted him, and he hugged and kissed her. Then it was my turn. I got the super duper deluxe adjustment which I need. My upper back has been hurting a lot lately. :( When she was done with me, he made me get back on the table, then he pretended to adjust me. It was the best thing ever. I love my little Aidan.

Ugh. I was listening to WNCI today and the DJ pissed me off so much I deleted the radio station from the programming in my car. UGH ACK ACK. What a jerk. He said that all children under the age of 7 should wear dog collars that are controlled by every human. And anytime said child did something annoying, people could push a button and administer progressively worse shocks. UGH, I was so furious I was shaking. Joking or not, that kind of crap is not funny. Even Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are better with kids than that! He had the nerve to say he was easy-going and laid back. Whatever.

My argument is this. If the kid’s being a brat, shock the parents for not paying attention or whatever. But that’s a stupid idea. Just as shocking a DOG is stupid and mean too. Ugh, what a JERK. I still have half a mind to tell this DJ “oh sure, we’ll get that implemented right away, but not until you have your first child. Cause you see, that will be the one we start with.” UGH. Brought back bad memories of another certain person saying that kind of crap who is lucky he wasn’t in my presence when it was said. I hate people who say cruel things about children. Some children are bad, I admit, but get the parents, not the kids, especially YOUNG ones. Kids will be kids and most under 7 act the way they do because they don’t know better. Get the parents for not teaching them better, I say.


Okay enough of that, I’m getting all riled up and that stupid DJ (or anyone else who says junk like that) is sooo not worth it.

I am SOO full of things I want to write but I can’t because I have to be up for work in the morning. There are not enough hours, I swear. Well, there seem to be PLENTY for work all day. None for all the other things. *sigh* I have to get my writing career going. I’ve been waiting and holding back too long. It’s time to shift into serious mode.

My counselor told me I need a work area for my writing alone. So the desk idea I was thinking some entries back is coming back to mind now. I’ll think about it. She said a dedicated work area would make it more real and serious to me. So many people are pulling for me and this writing thing and I’m so scared. Of failing, of success, everything. Dear Lord give me some braverism and strength and patience.

I’m tired and my back feels like poop. I took a pain killer. No dice. Son of a…..

Later, gators.

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