Spent Friday night with my brother and Aidan. That was great. It’s always amazing to hang out with Rob. Took them to Max & Erma’s and then we went to Best Buy. I bought Popular The 2nd Season on DVD. Actually, Mommy did. I used the gift card she gave me. :) After that, I went to Craig’s where a bunch of people were hanging out and watching the basketball games. Brackets, brackets, brackets. Lord help me.

Joshua A: Cats gone wild!

Most of the day Saturday was spent with a home improvement guy. We *almost* got what he was offering, but Chris got 2nd thoughts so we decided against it. Saturday evening, Chris and I took Becky out to dinner at House of Japan. We ate sushi! (I am so excited that Becky is into sushi now!) I ate other stuff too; too much food. The chef was hilarious. I took pictures. Will have them up soon, I hope.

After dinner, Chris and Aidan went to Craig’s and I came home. I was tired and not feeling well, so I cleaned my room and did my hair. Then I turned in around 1030ish. Early night for me!

Church was cool. I was disappointed that we were not allowed to sit on the floor in the back anymore. I rather liked it there. Todd A was back in town for the weekend; it was great to see him. Saw Garth too, who I’d missed a LOT. We had lunch at Cheeseburger In Paradise which was quite yummy. I brought a lot home, though. Katie gave me a mini-massage which was incredible. She’s so good! Spent most of the day with Bizzy which was a ton of fun, especially since we spent most of the time in Best Buy speaking in British accents. That was awesome. :) Bible study did not happen–the leader Robbie was out sick, and the few of us that showed up kind of hung out for a bit before disbursing. It’s always good to see Monica, Megan S (megnita), and Katie M.

I got three books at Barnes & Noble. The next two in the Georgia Nicholson series, and a book by some lady whose last name is Sark. The title is too long for me to remember right now, but it looks like it’s going to be great. I can’t wait. And I found my yoga book, which I am totally stoked about. From Best Buy, I bought The Wiz. Only $5.99. And I didn’t actually buy it; I still had money on my gift card! I still do!

I love books.

So I definitely need a new car stereo. I was going to go tomorrow to buy it and get it installed (if the wait wasn’t too long), but I think I’ll just wait ’til the weekend. I’ll go early in the day so they can install it same day for sure. It will be sweet; I already know which one I’m getting. I’m getting the iPod mount too, so I can listen to my iPod in the car. It’ll charge it as I’m driving, so no more iPods dying on me like mine did on the way to church! And no more iTrip to deal with either. Woo.

About 5am Saturday morning, Aidan woke up crying. I can’t listen to my baby cry, so I brought him in here with me. He went back to sleep but was up at 8. This was BAD because I’d not been asleep very long. I had stayed up late downloading free MP3s from http://music.download.com Lots of great stuff there! Lots of amazing trance. I can’t wait to try it all. My iPod is very happy. :) Saturday night, I was in bed when Chris got home from Craig’s, but Aidan was asking for me so he put him in here. Aidan cuddled up to me and said “MommEE MommEE” and kept patting my cheek. Let me tell you. That’s an amazing way to fall asleep. This precious little boy softly patting your cheek. Wow. So he and I cuddled and slept all night in here. He didn’t wake up til almost 10 and that’s because Chris’s alarm went off. He was a great little boy all day; well, what I saw of him anyway. Sundays tend to be pretty whirlwind for me because I’m so busy with church stuff. I don’t see Aidan a lot on Sundays. :(


Off to bed with me. I grabbed a short nap, then Becky called (and it’s always a pleasure to talk to her). But I’m going back to sleep now. Byeeeee!

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