Spent almost all of Easter Sunday in bed! I missed Easter dinner at the in-law’s cause I was so sick, but they sent food home for me which was good because I was hungry. Craving spaghetti, but with little energy, so the already prepared food was good for me. And who can go wrong with Honey-Baked Ham? I didn’t get any potatoes, but I got some for lunch today because they had open-faced roast beef. Yum.

Made it back to work today–I’m fine if I sit down and don’t make sudden movements. But if I get up (especially suddenly), I get lightheaded and weak. Chills. Shaking. Stomach pains from time to time. I’ve been battling this since December–I wonder if it’s not pneumonia or bronchitis. I never did fully get rid of the cough. I should probably go and get it checked out, but who has time for that? I’m even more behind on things now, but the thought of even attempting to tackle everything anything overwhelms me.

The thing that sounds the most appealing thing to me is SLEEPING. But none of that for about four hours or so.

I wish I could work half days and work my way up to full days. I’m struggling today. Almost to Beyond the point of irritability for being so tired and weak despite having had hours and hours of sleep.

I managed to update the Winter 2005 photo album. I hope to get the Chicago pictures up in an album soon. Who knows when soon will be?

This Saturday, Aidan goes to stay with my mom for two weeks! I’m going to TRY not to sleep the entire two weeks away! I have much to do before then, though:

– April issue of The Bark
– special surprises for people
– CLEAN (actually that can wait til the little bugger is gone)
…lots more

Ack, I’m exhausted just thinking about it all!

I guess yesterday, Aidan took off his diaper, sat on the toilet, used the bathroom, then got down and put his diaper back on. Was I dreaming or did that actually happen?

Darn drugs.

‘Til later, maybe.

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