So, I found a ton of CDs to rip to my MP3 library, and I was all excited about putting them into my iPod–silly me forgot the adapter at work! D’oh! So I’ll have to do it tomorrow. I’ll just make a playlist of music to add so I’ll remember which songs I want. I LOVE being able to play it in my car.

I thought I’d lost my wallet, but I had a gut feeling it was safe, and sure enough, I found it hiding under the seat in my car when I got home today.

Aidan is a MOODY son-of-bananagirl. And he is so mean when he wakes up from his naps. Lordy. I wonder where he got that from?

Had pizza for dinner. Homemade and yummy. :þ

See, I do surveys for all sorts of marketing research companies. Most of it is volunteer, but it’s really cool because sometimes I get to sample new products and test them out and such, and sometimes I get paid for them too, or win contests. I was doing a survey tonight and came across this question:


I got free heart-shaped Postits in the mail today. Tres cute!! :D

I only have one more Georgia Nicolson book to read! AND I’ve begun reading the 3rd Sisterhood/Pants book.

I love Young Adult novels.

Bedtime by 10:30. Can you dig it? I’m SURE gonna try. :)

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