Fun, relaxing night with friends. Much needed, I assure you.

Had a longish day at work. Went to get Aidan, and he was sleeping. So I siezed the opportunity and crashed in the in-laws’ couch. His mom is really cool; we’ll chat for a bit, but then she’ll read and I’ll fall asleep. I got in a good 30 minutes or so, which worked out well for me.

I got home and my dear brother Rob had left me an IM with The Plan for tonight. So I packed Aidan back up and we headed over to Tyler’s to hang and watch Fat Albert. We went to Giant Eagle for food and Rob and I had the idea to make spaghetti. “I already have the ingredients for spaghetti,” Tyler told us. So I told them I’d cook it and we headed back to his place. Tyler and I cooked dinner while Rob ate dessert. OH DARN IT, I never did get a piece of that cake! But I did get the cherry off top. :)

Becky called and said she was coming. YAY FOR ME, seeing as I aime Becky. A lot.

Spaghetti was good, not my best but it did the trick. Watched Fat Albert–what a cute movie. Rob left shortly after the movie but Becky and I stayed a bit later and hung out with Tyler. It’s always good to talk to either or both of them.

I’m getting tired. I’m going to read and go to bed. Two of my book reserves came in Friday, so I picked them up after work. Just in time, as I finished Georgia Nicolson today during lunch. :)

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