Day: April 3, 2005

Dear You

I appreciate you. :)

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Viva il Papi!

On April 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II passed away. He was in his 27th year as pope, one of the longest reigning popes in history. Despite illness and infirmity, he tirelessly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He defended life in all its forms, wrote prolifically on Catholic topics such as the Eucharist and the rosary, pleaded for peace in the world and created more Roman Catholic saints than any other pope. It is said that he was the most recognized man in the world and he is by far the most widely-travelled pope in history.

I hope his new life with God is amazing and wonderful.

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Random Craziness Times Six. Or maybe not so much. (Pictures too!)

Something you don’t hear everyday:

“OOOH! MY BUTT IS WARM!” – said by our own lovely itskels. :)

So, I got up Saturday morning and there was snow everywhere. I’d been expecting a dusting; they (meaning the weather people) had forecasted it. But as we were driving up North for Aidan’s vacation (heehee), it was snowing like a mofo. I mean, inches and inches of accumulation. Slushy, slippery, nasty stuff. What in the fresh hell? It’s APRIL. But it’s also Ohio. It could snow in June here. ACK.

And I don’t even know if the darn forsythia bloomed yet, so IT DOESN’T EVEN COUNT.

Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know the legend? Spring won’t officially be here (read: the weather won’t break) until there have been three snows after the forsythia blooms. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen one flower yet. Well, no blooms anyway. Saw a few greens. And the poor daffodils that were pushing through–if they survive this, then I’ll bow down to them. Yes, to flowers. Shutup.


So, I’m working on The Bark and Microsoft Word is being a right pain in the arse. Sometimes, I’ll add a line break and four pages of text will disappear! What in the fresh hell? I’m almost done with it, though. I have to make the collage (I’ll do that tomorrow) and get Joe’s cartoon and it should be all set. :)

Read “Keeping The Moon” by Sarah Dessen in one day. Wonderful, captivating book. *sigh* I can be that successful if I’d get over this stupid fear. :(

I’m going to read Broken China by Lori Aurelia Williams next.

<3 Young Adult Novels!

OOOHOOOH, do you want to see a video of Aidan acting silly?

Clicky and download a zip file,then. Inside is an mpeg file, and it should work with any player. 9.31 megabyte download. :D My son is crazy! (In a good way!)

I can’t believe he’s mine! :)

And… and PICTURES!! :D

This is my sweet new car radio. (Head unit?) :D

Becky and I at House of Japan for sushi and other really yummy stuff. I aime Becky tres much.

What I had. Okay, so I ate one before I decided to take the picture, but you get the point. Yummm.

So why did my husband put on nine pounds of cologne just to go to sleep?

Although I was expecting a huge cleaning project when Aidan was gone–I guess Chris did it all. So, I can spend a lot of time relaxing. Not to worry, there is still plenty for me to do, but not as much now. YAY.

Church soon. Then lunch after, maybe? And I’m not sure about Bible Study–I haven’t been reading and I have to get a jump on this writing and other projects while I have the chance (read: while I have the freedom to do it). We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Won’t be wearing my new outfit, that’s for sure, since the weather is doing that “I’ll be nice when everyone is stuck at work but I’ll turn CRAPPY on the weekends” thing again. Wah.

‘Til later…

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